Dragonfire Peaks (Uber-5) World
Category Portal
Type Adventure World
Placeable Cornerstone - Club World
Item ID
Press [E] to brave a Dragonfire Peaks Adventure World. Shadow Key Fragments are found strewn about the Blazing Emberlands, Volcanic Fields, and Dragon's Teeth. What can go wrong? Power Rank 900 required. Suggested class level 21-22.
— Item Tooltip

The Dragonfire Peaks Adventure Portal can be crafted at a Crafting Bench and can be found in the Hub. The Dragonfire Peaks adventure world is built for players in the level range of 26+ (recommended for players between levels 26 to 35). It is a higher ranked version of the Uber-4 Adventure Portal. It has harder enemies, but there is more XP gained from Lairs, Dungeons, and enemies. The drop rate for red, rainbow, and shadow Rarity items is slightly increased as well in this world.

It contains the Dragonfire Peaks, Jurassic Jungle, Neon City, Candoria, Desert Frontier, Medieval Highlands, Permafrost, Cursed Vale, Peaceful Hills, and Treasure Isles biomes.

Completing one-starred quests, pre-boss and elite monsters will grant players 4 Shadow Key Fragments, and defeating a Dungeon boss will reward 10 Shadow Key Fragments.

Crafting Recipe

Crafting Station
Builder's Crafting Bench small Builder's Crafting Bench
Ingredient(s) Amount
Infinium Ore small

Infinium 450
Shapestone Ore small

Shapestone 600
Glim small

Glim 700
50px Dragonfire Peaks (Uber-5) World 1

Experience Table

Description Experience
Mini-Trash Mob 6
Trash Mob 78
Cursed Skulls 2730
One-Starred Boss 2730 (+78 for kill)
Pre-Boss 1365 (+78 for kill)
Three-Starred Boss 5460 (+78 for kill)
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