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Category Mount
Type Long Dragon
Group Legendary Dragon
Tradeable This item can't be traded.
Designer Trove Team
Mastery 50 Trove Mastery logo.png
Movement Speed 90
Movement Speed 95
Glide 100
Item ID
Taking a draconic form, this wily phantom plays pranks on the unsuspecting.
— Item Description

Drak-O-Lantern is a Legendary dragon Mount that is craftable through the Drak-O-Lantern Dragon Egg. The egg can be crafted at the Shadowy Station, alternatively the egg can be purchased from the Spooky Swag Bag in the Trove Store.

Drak-O-Lantern serves as the only and final version of the Pumpkin Dragon line which also includes the Drak-O-Lantern Spirit Permanent stat boost which grants +0,6% Critical Hit, +1000 Max Health +250 Damage, +1 Jump and +50 Magic Find.

Having this Dragon unlocked grants a permanent +0,6% Critical Hit, +1000 Max Health +250 Damage, +1 Jump and +50 Magic Find
— Item Description


Crafting Station
Dragon Crucible.pngDragon Crucible
Ingredient(s) Amount
Dragon Coin.png Dragon Coin 300
Flux.png Flux 25,000
Pumpkin.png Pumpkin 6
Faerie Dust.png Faerie Dust 750
Drak-O-Lantern Dragon Egg.png Drak-O-Lantern Dragon Egg 1
Drak-O-Lantern.png Drak-o-Lantern 1


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