Dreadnought Mk I Prototype
Category Mount
Type Mecha-Quadruped
Group Shadow Tower
Tradeable This item can be traded.
Designer Trove Team
Item ID
When the scaled-down prototype is this big, you know you're onto something really big.
— Item Tooltip

The Dreadnought Mk I Prototype is a Shadow Tower Mecha-Quadruped mount that can be obtained from a Dreadnought Mk I Prototype Cache.



  • Due to its sheer size, this is known to be one of the largest mounts in the game.
  • As the description states, this mount was made as a prototype created by the evil Dr. Darknik who was also responsible for making and using war machines like the Spike Walker, G.R.Y.P.H. 3000, Flamotron Mk II, and the newest addition, Darknik Dreadnought Mk II. The difference between the prototype mount and the Mk. II version is the size and additional weapons that the main Dreadnought Mk II machine has, but they both share the hidden cargo that houses the "world-ender" nuke.
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