Dream Monster
Category Shadow
Type Boss
Primary Biome Shadow Tower
AI Type Dream Boss
Item Drops
Item (Quantity) Rarity
Dream Monster Wall Trophy small Dream Monster Wall Trophy Rare
Blueprint ID
Enemy Dream Monster

Dream Monsters are melee boss enemies located at the end each floor in the Shadow Tower.


"The Defender of the Arena. The Almighty Colossus, a huge creature of amazing power that smashes any Trovian that opposes him.

Legend has it that this creature once ruled over the land but a group of heroes; a Knight, a Gunslinger, a Fae Trickster, a Dracolyte, a Boomeranger, and a Neon Ninja managed to imprison it in a Shadow Realm. Now it only serves as a symbol of fear that destroys every challenger who tries to conquer the Shadow Arena. Will you become one of the heroes that triumphed and remained immortal throughout history, or will you be one of the countless victims that were crushed beneath this creature's mighty shadow?"

Content History

The Colossus (or Dreamy) was the final boss of the Shadow Arena.

Dreamy is now the final boss of two of the cursed skulls in the shadow tower, the last cursed skull being the shadow titan for that floor.

The Colossus always had at least 1 passive buff, and could have a maximum of 3 buffs. Its strength would vary based on the Uber level the arena was entered on.

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