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Dungeons come in different sizes in the game that will have a higher concentration of mobs, up to three bosses (with the possibility of Cursed Skulls), and may take more than one player to complete.

Dungeons will always have three objectives: two optional mini-bosses (or cursed skulls ) and a final three-star boss.

Dungeons will appear on the map as an enclosed castle or fortress, and can be uncovered by exploring through the Fog of War feature. In a recent patch, Dungeons will also display the red "x" above them and on the map upon completion.

Dungeons are biome specific. These contain two mini-bosses (or cursed skulls) and a three star boss. Players only need to defeat the three star boss to complete the dungeon. The experienced gained from killing all mini bosses and the main boss is usually equal to 3 normal lairs. Dungeons can be found in every single biome and are also the only quests found in the lost isle biome of the Prime Worlds.

Small Dungeons have only 1 boss and a few enemies to attack. When you defeat a enemy, it has a chance of dropping equipment, such as face gear, head gear and weapons. Drop rarities are randomized, but you can get Magic Find to increase the chances of getting higher rarity items. (No Radiant, Stellar, or Crystaline)

Various Dungeons

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