Elder Dragonling
Category Ally
Type Raptor
Group Dragons
Tradeable NoTrade emote
Designer Trove Team
Mastery Points 0
Power Rank 75
Physical Damage 8%
Magic Damage 8%
Reduced Cooldown Time 10%
Bonus Ability Damaging enemies has a chance to blast them in fire.
Item ID
Unlocked when a friend you have referred reaches Mastery Rank 30.
— Item Tooltip

The Elder Dragonling is a dragonling ally that can be unlocked through having one user that the player has referred reach Mastery Rank 20, contrary to its Item Tooltip. It is unlocked before the Elder Dragonsquire ally and the Elder Dragoncrown helmet.

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Elder Dragonling small Elder Dragonling

Elder Dragoncrown small Elder Dragoncrown

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