Engine Component

Engine Component.png

Category Material
Type Seasonal
Item ID
Oddly mechanical for apparently advanced technology, but who are we to judge?
— Item Description

Engine Components are a type of seasonal resource obtained during the Meteor Chase event as a reward after completing the 8/11 quest (by completing Lairs). They are used to craft the Scout Saucer mount at the S.O.A.R. T-2 Terminal.

Being an event resource, it can only be obtained during the Meteor Chase event and will not be obtainable after the event is over.

Used to Craft

Crafting Station
S.O.A.R. T-2 small.png S.O.A.R. T-2
Ingredient(s) Amount
Data Projector small.png

Data Projector 1
Plasteel Plate small.png

Plasteel Plate 10
Power Plant Segment small.png

Power Plant Segment 50
Engine Component small.png

Engine Component 30
Otherworldly Fuel Drop small.png

Otherworldly Fuel Drop 30
Scout Saucer small.png Scout Saucer 1
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