Explodes on impact, it can be used to damage or destroy cell blocks.
Equipment weapon bigbomb.png
Explodes on a timer, it can be used to destroy large areas of terrain.

Origin Portal Potion

Origin Portal Potion.png
A throwable potion that creates a portal on impact which leads to the starting point of the world.


Restores life on use.

Players start with 8 flasks and earn more with Mastery.

Recharge at the Rejuvenation Station.

Alternative flasks can be bought at the Store or Weaver of Wonders.


Worn on the player's face, Faces provide protection and bonuses.


Divided into six sub-categories, players can use Guns, Bows, Staves, SpearsFists or Melee Weapons depending on their class.


One ring can be worn at a time, they give a player bonus stats depending on the kind of ring, and the rarity. They can be crafted with a Ringcrafting Bench.


Worn on the player's head, Hats provide stats akin to Masks.


Similar to Hats, Helmets are styles that cover both the Face and Hat of your character.  They are purely cosmetic in purpose, you may still have your Hat and Face gear equipped while wearing a Helmet.


Allows gliding by holding [Space] while in the air.

Collection Items

You can use a Loot Collector to make a weapon, hat or mask turn into a style that overrides the appearance of your equipped item.


Provide stats restricted to Battle Arena and alters the boosts you may get from powerups. Obtained from Classic Battle Boxes dropped an hour (30 minutes for Patron) of actively playing in the Arena. Banners can also now be crafted with the new Delves update, and the effect can now be used across the entire game.

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