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Eye of Q'bthulhu

Eye of Q'bthulhu.png

Category Resource
Type Forging
Tradeable This item can be traded.
Item ID
Forging Material. Found rarely as a drop and by deconstructing rare equipment.
— Item Tooltip

Eyes of Q'bthulhu are a type of forging item that is used in forging and upgrading Shadow and higher rarity items. They can be obtained from using the Loot Collector.pngLoot Collector on Relic and higher rarity equipment, commonly from Shadow Cache.pngShadow Caches or from killing Shadow Giants.

Players can also use the Eye Encyclopedia.pngEye Encyclopedia or Oculus Opus.pngOculus Opus Tomes to collect Eyes.


The name 'Q'bthulhu' is a portmanteau of the word 'cube' and Cthulhu.