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Be sure to look at the style guidelines first.

To see the mask in-game, simply say /facepreview [face name]

Item dimensions

The depth of the mask could be greater than five if it works well, it may also extend down a bit past the face if the design works. The decision on whether or not it "works" will occur during the submission process.

  • 10 voxels wide
  • 10 voxels high
  • 5 voxels deep

Head attachment

HatMask attach.png

The attachment point is 6 voxels from the front, 6 from the top and 5 voxels from the left.

Grump Approved Mask Examples

-"Good example of a simplistic execution without over thinking it."


  • A Special Hat (shared for any weapon/decoration creation)
  • 500 Supporter Credits
  • Your character name (in-game handle) included on the items' tool-tip

Important legal stuff

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By submitting any such content, you are agreeing to those terms, which include:

  • All rights regarding the submitted content belong to Trion Worlds.
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