Feisty Flamedancer

Feisty Flamedancer

Category Ally
Type Butterfly
Stat 1 +10 Maximum Energy
Stat 2 +12% Energy Regeneration
Item ID
These butterflies fill the summer skies with dancing star-like lights.
— Item Tooltip

The Feisty Flamedancer is a rare butterfly ally that can be rarely obtained when opening Butterfly Soultraps.

Like the other uncommon butterflies, the Feisty Flamedancer allows players to get healing and energy regenerating flowers when damaging enemies. The special effect can be triggered by both normal attacks and damaging skills. This effect is very similar to Pirate Captain's Passive but spawns less often.

It gives off a full healing and energy regeneration bonus of 84 that lasts 4 seconds and can't be further increased by +% ER stat. It can be increased by the Energetic Emblem though, making it a 126 energy regeneration bonus.

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