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Fishing Poles are used for fishing. Some poles allow the player to fish on lava, chocolate and plasma. Learning each fishing pole gives their respective use. (Example: learning the Molten Magma Sifter lets players fish in lava with any other rod as if they "unlock" the ability to do so, except for Lady of the Lake).

The Basic Fishing Pole can be purchased from Saltwater Sam in the drowned Worlds (Uber-3 and above), and near him is a Nautical Assembler that can be used to create additional rods.

NOTE: Players are unable to fish in Regretful Water (A.K.A. Sea of Regret) or Acid with any Fishing Pole.


  • Pressing "F" (Square on Playstation and X on Xbox) or any equivalent bonded key while aiming at any liquid block will allow Players to cast their Fishing Pole as well as reeling in.
  • Pressing and holding "F" or any equivalent bound key will show the path which the lure would follow.
  • Unless otherwise stated, all fishing poles are worth 20 mastery points each.
Fishing Poles
Item Description Ability Obtained
Basic Fishing Pole.pngBasic Fishing Pole A basic beginner's pole for fishing in water. Allows fishing in non-regretful Water with any rod Bought from Saltwater Sam
Molten Magma Sifter.pngMolten Magma Sifter A heat-resistant pole for fishing in lava. Allows fishing in Lava with any rod Crafted at the Nautical Assembler
Candied Fishing Cane.pngCandied Fishing Cane A sweet angling rod for fishing in chocolate. Allows fishing in Chocolate with any rod Crafted at the Nautical Assembler
N-0 Depth Scoper.pngN-0 Depth Scoper An advanced angling rod for fishing in plasma. Allows fishing in Plasma with any rod Crafted at the Nautical Assembler
Lady of the Lake.pngLady of the Lake A legendary fishing rod said to enchant any fish that swims nearby. Allows catching Enchanted Fish in Water with this rod only Crafted at the Nautical Assembler
Wish Fisher.pngWish Fisher A legendary fishing rod that makes any angler's wishes come true. None - cosmetic only Rare chance when fishing in any liquid
Master Angler's Rod.pngMaster Angler's Rod A masterful fishing rod. None - cosmetic only Mastery Rank 120
0 mastery points
Royal Reeler.pngRoyal Reeler No fish, great or small, can resist its allure. None - cosmetic only Mastery Rank 470
0 mastery points
Chaos Rod.pngChaos Rod A fishing rod imbued with a touch of primordial chaos. None - cosmetic only Bought in the Shadowy Market
Frenzied Fisher.pngFrenzied Fisher If it swims, shoot it. None - cosmetic only Platinum Fishing Badge
(2,000 items fished)
0 mastery points