Flashing Neon Cache

Flashing Neon Cache

Category Lootbox
Type Luminopolis
Tradeable NoTrade emote
Golden Key NoGoldenKey emote
Item ID
Open for a guaranteed rare item that would normally be in a Greater Neon Cache.
— Item Tooltip

Flashing Neon Caches are a type of Lootbox that can be obtained upon purchasing the 33 Greater Neon Cache pack from the Store. These lootboxes are like Golden Chaos Chests in that it will only contain rare and very rare drops from the Greater Neon Cache's lootpool.

They are not normally available for purchase in the store, and are only available during certain events.


The following are the contents of Flashing Neon Caches:

Flashing Neon Cache small Flashing Neon Cache
Item Amount Rarity
Resistor Protector small Resistor Protector 1 Rare
Resistor Blaster small Resistor Blaster 1
Digital Daemon small Digital Daemon 1
Resistor Field Commander small Resistor Field Commander 1
Resistor Gadgeteer small Resistor Gadgeteer 1
Resistor Dominator small Resistor Dominator 1
Resistor Bastion small Resistor Bastion 1
Kami Animist small Kami Animist 1
Paragon of the Past small Paragon of the Past 1
Avenging Arbiter small Avenging Arbiter 1
Resistor Vanguard small Resistor Vanguard 1
Kami of Proportionate Penitence small Kami of Proportionate Penitence 1
Kami of Calm Conviction small Kami of Calm Conviction 1
Kami of Fiery Fervor small Kami of Fiery Fervor 1
Kami of Tumultuous Torrents small Kami of Tumultuous Torrents 1
Kami of Considered Compassion small Kami of Considered Compassion 1
Kami of Resurgent Resolution small Kami of Resurgent Resolution 1
Salvaged Spiderbot small Salvaged Spiderbot 1
Kami of Fleet Flight small Kami of Fleet Flight 1
Kami of the Burgeoning Breeze small Kami of the Burgeoning Breeze 1
Kami of Murderous Mires small Kami of Murderous Mires 1
Kami of Quiet Contemplation small Kami of Quiet Contemplation 1
Kami of Beset Burrows small Kami of Beset Burrows 1
Kami of Empty Enclosures small Kami of Empty Enclosures 1
Kami of Enduring Embers small Kami of Enduring Embers 1
Kami of Placid Pools small Kami of Placid Pools 1
Kami of Turning Tides small Kami of Turning Tides 1
Kami of Flourishing Fields small Kami of Flourishing Fields 1
Kami of Nascent Glory small Kami of Nascent Glory 1
Kami of Unified Opposition small Kami of Unified Opposition 1
Kami of Wind-Borne Blossoms small Kami of Wind-Borne Blossoms 1
Kami of Savage Splendor small Kami of Savage Splendor 1
Kami of Guileless Wonder small Kami of Guileless Wonder 1
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