The Forbidden Shadows are an Everdark biome, and the only gameplay biome that can spawn. It exists only in Shores of the Everdark Adventure Worlds, and generally consists of the entire map until you reach the borders. No gatherable items spawn naturally.

The Forbidden Shadows is displayed on the map as a pale orange biome, with a watermark pattern of a purple skull much like that used for Cursed Vale patterned within the area of the map. The biome yields only Primal Grey blocks from dirt or stone, with Primal Purple blocks from stone pillars and arches. There are occasional blue orb-like plants, as well as "rivers" of damaging bones or spikes.

This biome is entirely dark purple with occasional streaks of glowing bright blue or purple, as well as rock pillars or large shadow-themed buildings to give it a dark, shadowy theme. Its only inhabitants are occasional large shadow invaders, with no other natural monsters.


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Biome Colors

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The flora of the Forbidden Shadows consists purely of glowing blue orb-like objects, which function as proximity mines; when a player approaches, they will open and begin smoking, then shortly detonate, stripping the surrounding area of blocks and inflicting damage to the player.



From Environment From Ore Veins From Enemies From Lairs/Dungeons
- - - Shaper's Star small Shaper's Star
from Shadow Colosseums


Enemy Natural Spawn Lair/Dungeon Spawn Lair Boss Dungeon Pre-Boss Dungeon Boss
Enemy Shadow Boot Shadow Boot Yes Yes
Enemy Darknik Warbot Darknik Warbot Yes Yes
Enemy Shadow Nautilus Shadow Nautilus Yes Yes
Enemy Shadow Observer Shadow Observer Yes Yes


Shadow Colosseum
Shadow Colosseum
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