Formicite Ore

Formicite Ore.png

Category Material
Type Ore
Item ID
Crafting Material. An uncommon, turquoise ore found in most biomes.
— Item Tooltip

Formicite Ore is a common light-blue colored ore that spawns in every Biome in levels Elite and higher. It is used in various crafting recipes, such as the Elite and Master Adventure Portals. Other ores, such as Primordial Flame, will sometimes spawn within a vein of this ore. Formicite can also be found when opening Miner's Troves. The ore is primarily used to craft metallic blocks and certain items in the Fun factory.


You can easily find some formicite ores on the surface/cave of any biome on the Uber Adventure Portal (1 - 6). You can also obtain formicite via fishing in lava for formicite orefish and obtain 10 per formicite orefish.

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