Frameworks are large building structures that players can craft and place in a club world or cornerstone. These frameworks can be crafted at various biome crafting benches (currently only from the Haunted Workbench, the Candy Workbench, and the Forbidden Workbench) and/or at the Workbench.

WARNING Once placed, Frameworks cannot be picked up again. They can only be deconstructed into their individual blocks and decorations.


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Item Description Obtained
Masterful Castle Wall small Masterful Castle Wall A stout wall, complete with battlements and internal passageways. Mastery Rank 310
Masterful Castle Gate small Masterful Castle Gate A fortified opening in a castle wall. Used to sally forth with style. Mastery Rank 410
Masterful Castle Tower small Masterful Castle Tower A three story watchtower, suitable for early threat detection and rooftop parties. Mastery Rank 510
Item Description Obtained
Radiant Watchtower small Radiant Watchtower A luminous lookout tower inspired by the architecture of the Radiant Realm. Bought from the Store.
Shadowy Watchtower small Shadowy Watchtower A lugubrious lookout tower, fashioned in the style of Shadow architecture. Bought from the Store.
Gingerbread House small Gingerbread House Has the added benefit that once you're done with it you can just eat it, no need for packing or storage! All-Pine ArtisTree Pack
Splendid Snowfest Tree small Splendid Snowfest Tree A prize pine perfectly prepared for placement on your property. All-Pine ArtisTree Pack
Cursed Vale
Item Description Obtained
Large Cursed Vale Tree small Large Cursed Vale Tree One wonders what it feeds on to get so big. N/A
Cursed Vale Tree small Cursed Vale Tree Its branches rustle restlessly in the chilly breeze. N/A
Small Cursed Vale Tree small Small Cursed Vale Tree Still but a sapling, but already towers in a menacing manner. N/A
Item Description Obtained
Pruned Candorian Tree small Pruned Candorian Tree It takes hard work to keep a tree this prim and proper. N/A
Candorian Tree small Candorian Tree Could use a little trimming of its lower branches. N/A
Forbidden Spires
Item Description Obtained
Forbidden Spires Tree small Forbidden Spires Tree A tree that commonly grows in the Forbidden Spires. N/A
Pruned Forbidden Spires Tree small Pruned Forbidden Spires Tree A pruned tree is a happy tree. N/A
Knotted Forbidden Spires Tree small Knotted Forbidden Spires Tree Knotty, but nice. N/A
Forbidden Spires Advanced
Item Description Obtained
Well-built Bridge small Well-built Bridge A sturdy bridge to pass over a stream or a gorge. N/A
Lesser Spires Arch small Lesser Spires Arch A decorative arch built by the denizens of Forbidden Spires. N/A
Greater Spires Arch small Greater Spires Arch A slightly larger decorative arch built by the denizens of Forbidden Spires. N/A
Cornerstone Shrine starter smallCornerstone Shrine small Cornerstone Shrine A beautiful work of architecture. Seemingly harmless. N/A
Palace Tower small Palace Tower A grand palace tower built by the ancient rulers of Forbidden Spires. N/A
Palace Wall Segment small Palace Wall Segment A long wall segment of the Forbidden Palace. N/A
Palace Gatehouse small Palace Gatehouse The grand gatehouse of the Forbidden Palace. N/A
Palace Wall Corner small Palace Wall Corner A corner segment of the wall of the Forbidden Palace. N/A
Item Description Obtained
Colossal Candy Cane small Colossal Candy Cane No-one knows whether these sizeable sweet structures that dot the Candorian landscape are natural or artificial.  ??
Giant Green Gumdrop small Giant Green Gumdrop A great big gob of sweet green goop.  ??
Slippery Scoop Slope small Slippery Scoop Slope A scoop of ice cream that somehow survives under the Candorian Sun.  ??
Cake Cottage small Cake Cottage A luxurious Candorian house.  ??
Gumball Guardtower small Gumball Guardtower A Candorian sentry station to keep watch over the surrounding countryside.  ??
Milkshake Cistern small Milkshake Cistern An outsized storage tank for a precious Candorian resource.  ??
Planted Popsicle small Planted Popsicle This towering giant must have taken many decades to grow this big.  ??
Locus Lollipop small Locus Lollipop To this day, Candorians build these monuments to mark places of power.  ??
Haunted House Attraction small Haunted House Attraction A spooky attraction beloved by all Trovians who appreciate the Shadows' Eve festivities.  ??
Pumpkin Parlor small Pumpkin Parlor A small, Shadows' Eve-themed shack for folks to congregate in.  ??
Radiant Adventure Tower small Radiant Adventure Tower A tower built to symbolize the shattered world of Trove, with portals to many of its scattered shards.  ??
Hub Clubhouse small Hub Clubhouse A podium with portals to popular clubworlds.  ??
Keeper of the Dragonforge small Keeper of the Dragonforge A noble statue that watches over the Dragonforge.  ??
Hub Storage Shed small Hub Storage Shed Keeps all the off-season accoutrements safe.  ??
Hub Hut small Hub Hut A simple structure to decorate and hang out in.  ??
Shrine of Strife small Shrine of Strife A small temple dedicated to the deities of battle and conflict.  ??
Elysian Radiance small Elysian Radiance A towering statue depicting Elysia, the Sun Goddess, in all her glory  ??
Hub Ship Shack small Hub Ship Shack It seems like only yesterday that Saltwater Sam appeared in the hub and set up this shop.  ??
Turkey Statue small Turkey Statue A small homage to Turkeytopia's Bird of the Moment.  ??
Hub Ice Rink small Hub Ice Rink This enclosure appears in the Hub in winter, ready to accept all casual skaters and hardcore sportsters alike.  ??
Creepy Crypt small Creepy Crypt Such magnificent refuge for restless souls.  ??
Angel Statue small Angel Statue In silence it contemplates your mortality.  ??
Shadow Giant Statue small Shadow Giant Statue Who would build monuments to the enemy?  ??
Towering Tomb small Towering Tomb The statue atop it depicts some hero from ages past.  ??
Stack of Blocks small Stack of Blocks A stack of blocks  ??
Black Dragon Statue small Black Dragon Statue* N/A  ??
Gold Dragon Statue small Gold Dragon Statue* N/A  ??
Large Spires Tower small Large Spires Tower* N/A  ??
Spires Coin small Spires Coin* N/A  ??
Spires Gazebo small Spires Gazebo* N/A  ??
Spires Gong small Spires Gong* N/A  ??
Small Crystal Ball small Small Crystal Ball* N/A  ??
Mine small Mine* N/A  ??
Spires Mountain small Spires Mountain* N/A  ??
*Frameworks do not have an official name, subject to change.
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