Funereal Pharaoh

Item costume box

Funereal Pharaoh

Ui skin ice tombraiser pharaoh

Category Styles
Type Costume
Group Tomb Raiser
Designer Leeon1234 & TroveTeam
Store Price Credits small 750
Item ID
A costume for the Tomb Raiser. Rise from your sarcophagus and haunt the night!
— Store Description

Funereal Pharaoh is a cosmetic costume that can be used on the Tomb Raiser class. It is unlocked by purchasing it at the Trove Store for credits, obtained from a Costume Mystery Box, or buying it off other players at the Player Marketplace. This costume is also included in the Shadow's Eve Costume Pack.

This costume also unlocks the following style(s):


  • This costume was originally a "Pharaoh Sage" mod for the Ice Sage that was made by the user Leeon1234 but was then modified by the Trove Team to fit the Tomb Raiser. The mod forum thread can be seen HERE.
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