Not to be confused with the legendary hero, Ganda.
Ganda, the Sky Shepherd
Category Mount
Type Raptor
Group Birds of Paradise
Tradeable Trade emote
Mastery 250 Trove Mastery logo
Movement Speed 90
Item ID
The golden path he leaves behind is intended to lead the lost homeward.
— Item Tooltip

Ganda, the Sky Shepherd is a mount which drops extremely rarely from Troves of Wonders bought from Merchant of Marvels on a Golden Vendor Ship in the Treasure Isles biome. This mount along with the other Birds of Paradise, Mizaia, Breath of the Evergreen and Koroki, the Sower of Chaos can create a trail of special blocks on certain areas, in this case, Ganda can temporarily create a solid golden path on air blocks, allowing users to walk on air and to have infinite jump. The path doesn't disappear for a while behind Ganda, so some players like to take part in Ganda trains, in which players stand on Gandas trail behind someone with a Ganda and travel around collecting resources, mostly Nitro-Glitterine , to sell or trade. Due to the extremely low drop rate of Ganda, it will generally cost less to just save up a few million Flux and buy him from another player than take chances buying lots of Troves of Wonder.



  • The rarity of this mount is very similar to that of a Chaos Coin from Chaos Chests making this mount very sought after and making it the most expensive mount that has ever been available in Trove.
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