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Tradeable This item can be traded.
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Trading Material. Exchange for items from the pirates of Treasure Isles.
— Item Tooltip

Glim (previously known as Warpseed) is a common trading and crafting material. It is a very commonly used crafting material, used in many recipes. Glim is primarily collected by killing enemies, destroying grass, and deconstructing fish. Glim is considered to be a currency in addition to a material, and is used to trade with Treasure Isles Traders for allies, Mounts and Sails in the Treasure Isles biome.


  • Glim can be easily obtained by fishing. Common and uncommon fish can deconstruct for 3-100 Glim each, with rares granting 1,000.
  • Glim can be dropped by grass in all biomes, and by defeating enemies. The easiest and fastest way to farm for it is to go to a low level adventure zone and destroy the grass and enemies you find there. The Fae Trickster's Glitter Bombs are good for this. The Knight's or the Dracolyte's basic attacks are excellent choices as well, and the Neon Ninja's superb speed makes it highly recommended. It's tedious, and takes a lot of time. If you can, find a friend or group and stick together so you'll all get drops from everything being destroyed.
  • Mounts trample grasses, allowing players to ride through instead.
  • Unneeded items from Treasure Isles Traders in the Treasure Isles can be purchased and traded to other players for more than the initial cost, and allies from Soultraps can be loot collected for more Glim.
  • Another way to obtain Glim is by deconstructing Shadow KeyShadow Keys, as they return 100 Glim each. Although, this can be taxing, depending on how quickly you can obtain Shadow Key FragmentShadow Key Fragments.