Gold Companion Egg

Gold Companion Egg.png

Category Item
Type Companion Egg
Group Companions
Item ID
Hatches into one of 8 possible rare companions.
— Item Tooltip

Gold Companion Egg is a type of Companion Egg used to hatch any of the 8 possible Rare companions. A golden egg can be obtained from Geode Cavern Lairs at Tier 5, by purchasing the Geodian Super Pack, and/or as a rare drop from Golden Ticket Chests (2018).

An egg must be placed in the Egg Incubator to allow it to hatch into a geode companion. Players can use an Accelerite to decrease the hatching time by 2 hours (intentionally removing the time necessary and allow it to hatch instantly).

It takes 2 hours for the egg to hatch.


The following are the contents of the Companion Egg by rarity:

Gold Companion Egg small.png Gold Companion Egg
Item Rarity
Jubilant Froleek small.png Jubilant Froleek Common
Supersonic Howlug small.png Supersonic Howlug
Viridian Cragglepod small.png Viridian Cragglepod
Shrouded Gleemur small.png Shrouded Gleemur
Effervescent Hoppet small.png Effervescent Hoppet
Spectral Jelotl small.png Spectral Jelotl
Enigmatic Qubrik small.png Enigmatic Qubrik
Majestic Zepperay small.png Majestic Zepperay
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