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Greater Crystal Cache

Greater Crystal Cache.png

Category Item
Type Lootbox
Tradeable This item can't be traded.
Item ID
Open for valuable Geodian crafting materials or (rarely) Accelerite, Lodestars, Silver Companion Eggs, tradable mounts, or tradeable Space Expanders!
— Item Description

Greater Crystal Caches are a type of lootbox that can be obtained from the Store.


The following are the contents of the Greater Crystal Cache by rarity:

Note: This list is incomplete; please help contribute any missing information.

Greater Crystal Cache.pngGreater Crystal Cache
Item Amount Rarity
Crystal.pngCrystal 507, 570, 633, 696, 759 Common
Day Drop.pngDay Drop 43, 48, 53, 58, 63
Gleamstone.pngGleamstone 338, 380, 422, 464, 506
Moonlit Moss.pngMoonlit Moss 32, 36, 40, 44, 48
Builderite.pngBuilderite 253, 285, 317, 348, 380
Wallflowers.pngWallflowers 22, 24, 27, 30, 32
Ancient Gears.pngAncient Gears 169, 190, 211, 232, 253
Crystal.pngCrystal 507, 570, 633, 696, 759 Uncommon
Dream Dew.pngDream Dew 14, 15, 17, 19, 20
Sun Sap.pngSun Sap 14, 15, 17, 19, 20
Cave Kelp.pngCave Kelp 14, 15, 17, 19, 20
Moonstone.pngMoonstone 52, 59, 65, 71, 78
Blazine.pngBlazine 52, 59, 65, 71, 78
Geminite.pngGeminite 52, 59, 65, 71, 78
Accelerite.pngAccelerite 3
Lodestar.pngLodestar 1
Luckier Reliquary.pngLuckier Reliquary 1
Metamatter.pngMetamatter 3, 20, 50 Rare
Accelerite.pngAccelerite 20
Lodestar.pngLodestar 3, 5
Silver Companion Egg.pngSilver Companion Egg 1
Space Expander.pngSpace Expander 1
Geodian Gyroller.pngGeodian Gyroller 1
Sunstone Beetle.pngSunstone Beetle 1
Proud Plumerant.pngProud Plumerant 1
Intrepid Igneleon.pngIntrepid Igneleon 1
Indigo Igneleon.pngIndigo Igneleon 1
Igneleon Inferno.pngIgneleon Inferno 1
Spearmint Spydrock.pngSpearmint Spydrock 1
Sapphire Spydrock.pngSapphire Spydrock 1
Sandy Spydrock.pngSandy Spydrock 1
Sprightly Spydrock.pngSprightly Spydrock 1
Frolicsome Jeliphin.pngFrolicsome Jeliphin 1
Irascible Jeliphin.pngIrascible Jeliphin 1

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