Greater Dragon Cache

Greater Dragon Cache.png

Category Lootbox
Type Dragon Cache
Tradeable This item has a variant that is tradeable.
Golden Key This lootbox can't be opened by Golden Keys.
Store Price Credits small.png 250
Credits small.png 2,500 (x11)
Credits small.png 7,500 (x33)
Item ID
Contains Dragon Coins or, rarely, a random tradable Golden Dragon Egg!
— Item Tooltip

Greater Dragon Caches are a type of Lootbox that can be purchased in the Store for 250 Credits each. They can give Dragon Coins, or rarely tradeable dragon souls for a complete dragon (40 for Azulian and 100 for other dragons) or one of several Golden Eggs.

This dragon cache replaces the Starlight Dragon Cache. This type of dragon cache replaced how players obtain dragon coins and dragon souls, allowing dragons to count more towards player progression.


The following are the contents of the Greater Dragon Cache by rarity:

Greater Dragon Cache small.png Greater Dragon Cache
Item Amount Rarity
Dragon Coin small.png Dragon Coin 10 Common
Dragon Coin small.png Dragon Coin 50 Uncommon
Azulian Dragon Soul small.png Azulian Dragon Soul 40 Rare
Neon Dragon Soul small.png Neon Dragon Soul 100
Ancient Dragon Soul small.png Ancient Dragon Soul 100
Moonwing Dragon Soul small.png Moonwing Dragon Soul 100
Bone Dragon Soul small.png Bone Dragon Soul 100
Winter Dragon Soul small.png Winter Dragon Soul 100
Starlight Dragon Soul small.png Starlight Dragon Soul 100
Golden Lunar New Year Dragon Egg small.png Golden Lunar New Year Dragon Egg 1
Golden Dusk Dragon Egg small.png Golden Dusk Dragon Egg 1
Golden Siege Dragon Egg small.png Golden Siege Dragon Egg 1
Golden Pinata Dragon Egg small.png Golden Pinata Dragon Egg 1
Golden Infineon Dragon Egg small.png Golden Infineon Dragon Egg 1
Golden Block Dragon Egg small.png Golden Block Dragon Egg 1
Golden Candorian Dragon Egg small.png Golden Candorian Dragon Egg 1
Golden Wisdom Dragon Egg small.png Golden Wisdom Dragon Egg 1
Golden Tidal Dragon Egg small.png Golden Tidal Dragon Egg 1
Golden Worldspring Dragon Egg small.png Golden Worldspring Dragon Egg 1
Golden Joyous Dragon Egg small.png Golden Joyous Dragon Egg 1
Golden Pirate Dragon Egg small.png Golden Pirate Dragon Egg 1
Golden Lunar New Year Dragon Egg small.png Golden Pumpkin Dragon Egg 1
Golden Valiant Dragon Egg small.png Golden Valiant Dragon Egg 1
Golden Lightning Dragon Egg small.png Golden Lightning Dragon Egg 1
Golden Dragon Kami Egg small.png Golden Dragon Kami Egg 1
Golden Iridescent Dragon Egg small.png Golden Iridescent Dragon Egg 1
Golden Spinner Dragon Egg small.png Golden Spinner Dragon Egg 1
Golden Floral Dragon Egg small.png Golden Floral Dragon Egg 1
Golden Preserver Dragon Egg small.png Golden Preserver Dragon Egg 1
Golden Ice Dragon Egg small.png Golden Ice Dragon Egg 1
Golden Voidwatcher Dragon Egg small.png Golden Voidwatcher Dragon Egg 1
Golden Bubble Dragon Egg small.png Golden Bubble Dragon Egg 1
Golden Starfire Dragon Egg small.png Golden Starfire Dragon Egg 1

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