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Be sure to look at the style guidelines first

Weapon orientation

The weapon should be facing toward the negative Y axis

Weapon dimensions

There is some leeway with the width and depth toward the end of the weapon that is away from the character, but it is strongly recommended that you remain in the defined area to avoid the weapon feeling too large.

The maximum dimensions are:

  • 5 voxels wide (X axis)
  • 5 voxels high (Y axis)
  • 12 voxels long (Z axis)

Handle size and attachment

Handles can only be one voxel thick and must consist of an attach point and one voxel above it.  There should be no voxels, other than the required voxel above the attach point, within a three by three cube area with the attach point in the center.  Some rare exceptions may be made for a voxel being below the attach point as well.  The gun should also face toward the ground. NOTE: Attachment point color is RGB (255, 0, 255)


Grump Approved Gun Examples

- "This is a good example of usage of space for something so small and still keeping it unique. The distribution of color is key when working with something so small. Good stuff."

- "Good use of color and space given the limitations."


  • A Special Hat (shared for any weapon/decoration creation)
  • 500 Supporter Credits
  • Your character name (in-game handle) included on the items' tool-tip

Important legal stuff

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