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Item dimensions


  • 20 high, no more than 15 voxels above the top of the head and no more than 4 voxels below the bottom of the head.
  • 20 wide
  • 20 deep


Head attachment

HatMask attach.png

The attachment point is 6 voxels from the front, 6 from the top and 5 voxels from the left.


Hair should be created using a red hue and have varying darkness and lightness for shading and noise.  If any non-hair details are included a mask file needs to be created, in the below example a gold band was used.  In the mask mesh the non-hair items are white RGB 255, 255, 255 and hair is black RGB 0, 0, 0. Similar to material maps, the additional mesh should be exported separately and named similar to MyHair_m.qb where MyHair.qb is the name of the main hairstyle mesh. The mask mesh must also be converted to a blueprint alongside the normal MyHair.qb mesh.



  • A Special Hat (shared for any weapon/decoration creation)
  • 500 Supporter Credits
  • Your character name (in-game handle) included on the items' tool-tip

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