Hatched Shadow Egg
Hatched Shadow Egg
Category Ally
Type Shadow Arena
Stat 1 + 8% Energy Regeneration
Item ID
Maybe if you raise it right it won't turn evil...?
— Item Tooltip

Hatched Shadow Egg is an Ally that can be purchased from the Shadowy Market for 5 Heart of Darkness.

The Shadowy Market's allies read "Chance when a nearby enemy dies to gain a large damage and movement speed boost." The exact numbers of this description are:

When an enemy dies there is a 1/16 chance to receive the following boosts for 10 seconds:

  • +50% Magical damage
  • +50% Physical damage
  • +15 Movement speed


Crafting Station
Shadowy Market small Shadowy Market
Ingredient(s) Amount
Heart of Darkness small

Heart of Darkness 5
Hatched Shadow Egg small Hatched Shadow Egg 1
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