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Haunted Mansion
2016-08-21 143418
Type StructuresDungeons
Designer Screamheart
Biome Cursed Vale

Haunted Mansion (a.k.a. Infineon Mansion) is a dungeon that generates randomly in the Cursed Vale Biome.





  • Before the Mantle of power update, this dungeon had a drastically different appearance that fit more with the biome colors and style of the Cursed Vale biome, after the update however it was remodeled to fit the Infineon style that the creator has made like his works on Dark Infineon and Infineon Charger (to name a few). The old model was then scrapped, neer to be seen in the live servers.
  • The original creator of the dungeon was made by Screamheart, the TroveCreations Reddit post can be found HERE.
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