Indurion, the Unwavering
Category Mount
Type Dragon
Group Ancestral Dragon
Designer SkyRider3217
Mastery 250 Trove Mastery logo.png
Power Rank 30
Movement Speed 90
Movement Speed 95
Glide 100
Item ID

Appointed to guard against the Void Beyond, he stared too long into the abyss and was forever changed.
— Item Description

Indurion, the Unwavering is a Ancestral dragon Mount that is craftable through the Voidwatcher Dragon Egg Fragments.

Unlocking him will also grant the Voidwatcher Dragon Spirit Permanent Stat Boost, granting 10% Critical Damage, 500 Magic Damage and 50 Magic Find.

Like most Ancestral Dragons, this dragon cannot be unlocked via Golden Dragon Effigy.

Like other dragons, crafting him will unlock him directly into your collection, so he cannot be traded or crafted twice.


Crafting Station
Dragon Crucible small.png Dragon Crucible
Ingredient(s) Amount
Dragon Coin small.png

Dragon Coin 300
Flux small.png

Flux 25,000
Heart of Darkness small.png

Heart of Darkness 4
Somber Soul small.png

Somber Soul 65
Voidwatcher Dragon Egg Fragment small.png

Voidwatcher Dragon Egg Fragment 50
Indurion, the Unwavering small.png Indurion, the Unwavering 1



  • The name Indurion is a pun on the words Endure and Induration.
  • The description text specifies that Indurion watched over the Void, but stared too long into the Abyss and was forever changed. This is a reference to that one famous quote, and hints that exposure to the chaotic influences of the Void mutated him.
  • The Endure part comes in because while watching over the Void, he was acutely aware of the changes that were happening to his body, but never faltered in his duty nor lost his mind, hence 'the Unwavering'
  • Indurion was originally created as a mod by SkyRider3217. It was originally called the Chaotic/Q'bthulhlu Dragon. The original mod thread can be seen here.
  • The modder drew inspiration to various chaos themed items such as Ice Sage's Shadow's Disciple costume, Koroki, the Sower of Chaos and Insanisteed mounts, and Shadow Hunter's Shadow Ranger costume.
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