Infinity Diamond

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Category Material
Type Quest
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A legendary gem that refracts light in ways barely understood by science or magic. The device was powered by a huge diamond, forged in the dragon-like flames of a volcano's fiery caldera.

The Infinity Diamond is one of the four main materials that is used in crafting the Neon Nightsky Wings. Each item's description holds a clue as to where to find the crafting table that is capable of crafting the item. 


Crafting Station
S.O.A.R. T-3 small.png S.O.A.R. T-3
Ingredient(s) Amount
Diamond small.png

Diamond 500
Infinity Diamond small.png Infinity Diamond 1


The dungeon in question.

The rarest S.O.A.R. table to find, the S.O.A.R. T-3 crafting table is found inside Sky Fortress (unofficial name) dungeons (large dungeon) in Dragonfire Peaks biomes, provided there is a green torch on the rim of the volcano caldera directly below the fortress.

To access the crafting table, one needs to go down the pathway inside the caldera until a purple portal can be seen, then look through the gap in the wall and go through the entrance shown by a second green torch, located directly across the lava pool.

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