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This page is under Retired Items.
  • The following item is removed from the game due to obtainability and/or the item being discontinued.
  • Players who had the item previously will not have theirs removed, but the item will not have the same use in the game.

Iron Treasure Trove
Category Deals
Type Lootbox
Tradeable Trade emote
Golden Key NoGoldenKey emote
Item ID
Open it to obtain some resources.
— Item Tooltip

Iron Treasure Troves were a type of lootbox that would likely appear free for "purchase" sometimes in the Deals section of the Store. They would likely primarily contain random crafting materials.

They would replace the previous type of Treasure Trove if the player has enough Loyalty points.

Iron Treasure Troves were never actually released in-game before the Treasure Trove system was removed.

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