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Items make up for the entirety of the game, but what happens if you have extra Resources or mounts that you don't plan on using? Players wouldn't keep it in a chest to collect dust, they would trade it off for more useful items. Trove has a system of trading that allows them to obtain items that would previously have been unobtainable to the player or items that are exclusive in doing specific tasks like buying credit only items in the store or getting rare items from Lootboxes. This method of user trades gives the player who grinds for resources an advantage of being able to trade for any item in the game.

NOTE: Always double check the item you're trading for by mousing over them to read their descriptions, in the trading post.

Common Item Currencies

Glim small.png Glim

Glim is a common type of currency some players use to trade. People would trade with glim to get Soultraps and Mounts that can be found in the Treasure Isles Biomes. Glim can be easily obtained by Fishing.

Note that it is not generally used very often because of it being a common item and it's only use is for crafting and trading in vendors.

Flux small.png Flux

Flux is a very common type of trading currency by players. This item is not an official currency, But many use it for trading many of the items in the game. Many players use this as a currency for a few reasons:

1) It can be traded unlike Cubits and Credits.
2) Flux is used by everyone in the game as a main tool for upgrading equipment, starting Shadow Towers and more.

Having flux as a main trading material can allow players to get basically every item in the game without paying any money (with the exception of Patron only rewards).

Getting Started with Trading

Players who want to start trading items would need to know where to start. Most players will go to the Global, World, and/or Trade chat channels to trade items, however players would need to understand terms like ratios and abbreviations as well as making smarter trades to give value to items instead of giving away items for a cheap price.

NOTE: The prices in the following chapters are EXAMPLES, they're most likely outdated or generally incorrect!

Item Ratio

Since Flux is the most commonly used item of trade, every item will have its own value in comparison to the currency. The ratio is determined by the amount of a trade value of 2:1, meaning that for every two Eyes equally trades for one flux).


Each item has its own Trade Value that is determined by the trading community that comes up with the economy of the items prices by Supply and Demand. items that are harder to obtain have a more demand and therefore having the item priced higher then most items. Likewise, items in a certain time on obtainablilty (such as Adventure Mounts and Seasonal Items) has a set Supply, the lower the supply, the higher the demand which in turns makes the price higher.

Trade Chat

Players can join Trade Chat by typing /join trade into the chatbox. This will add them to a random trade chat (there are many) to help them find goods to buy or sell.

When in Trade Chat, players may see a variety of acronyms used.

WTB indicates the person is Wanting To Buy an item.

WTS likewise, means they're Wanting To Sell.

WTT isn't used very often but indicates they'd like to Trade items for another item.

PC means the person is looking for a Price Check on an item. They may be looking to buy or sell, but are unsure of what the item is worth. If you know the price of said item, or have bought or sold it recently, let the person know by typing back PC: Item:Value (PC: Shadow Cache:200F).

Collecting Flux

Since flux is a main source of trading, there are ways into getting flux quickly and efficiently. Some methods are time consuming, but give off plenty of Flux. Here are a few ways to get flux efficiently.

Mining Shapestone

Mining shapestone has been my primary method to this day. If you mine enough shapestone you can get Miners trove which includes the Diggsly, in which you can deconstruct for 2500 glim. It's smarter to trade with this glim or trying to sell the glim instead of selling the diggsly (which would be worth at least 800f, but doesnt sell for more then 700). Going back to the topic you will need about roughly 6.5k+ for selling. This is because you never know when a player needs 5k or more. To get this amount you need to go to the Adept Difficulty world (Levels 4 to 5) because it has a lot of shapestone on the surface, and you may be able to find a couple of caves full of shapestone veins. After mining for about an hour or two you should have 6.5k or more. After that you can sell it for the ratio of 3:1 flux.

Dragon Challenges

challenges are available to users that are Mastery rank 10 or above. Challenges last 20 minutes, you are rewarded a maximum of 2 Lesser Dragon Caches. One of the contents you can earn in the cache is an amount of Flux, up to 2500. If you continue to do the challenges daily you're able to earn a lot of flux.

Deconstructing Equipment

When you have the Loot Collector in your Club world or Cornerstone, you can submit items that you don't need or is unusable. Deconstructing equipment can give you Flux. The amount of flux is given you you by the rarity of the item you submitted. Once you have put in all of your items, you click on Accept and you will get the flux. Although it gives you a small amount, it is the easiest out of all the methods I know, and anyone can do it.

Sea Crates

If you sail out around the coast in the you can find Sea Crates. Some of the Sea Crates will have a picture of flux on it. If you destroy the a crate you can earn 5 flux. However, farming these can take a long time. I don't like this personally, considering that it is very slow.

Selling Shadow Items

Most likely you have a few unused weapons, but they're shadow and you don't want to lose them. The thing is, they're just going to take up space and just be a headache. Unless you're planning on using it, you can sell it on the market for 100 flux. If you upgraded it, add the value of the items you used to upgrade. If you have trouble finding out the cost, refer to this forum. It's an easy way to get flux and you can gather more space for the more important items.

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