Jump is an item stat that gives you additional jumps, adding 1 jump per point. It is useful for dodging attacks and reaching difficult areas, or skipping rooms in Lairs or Dungeons.


Jump can be obtained as the third stat on any equipment piece. Existing pieces can be rerolled at a Chaos Forge to obtain it if it isn't already present.

Additionally, all Dragons' Permanent Stat Boosts give 1 jump when unlocked, with the exception of the Block Dragon Spirit, which gives 3, and Primordial Dragons' Spirits, which give none.


  • With a high Jump stat, it is possible to skip sections of some Lairs and Dungeons, completing them faster.
    • This can result in fewer rewards and Experience per dungeon, although this can be made up for by traveling between dungeons fast enough.
  • Jumping upwards can be used to dodge powerful attacks, such as a Fighter enemy's charged attack or the Spike Walker's slam.
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