Jurassic Jungle
Journey to the Jurassic Jungle and discover the blocks that time forgot! Whether you’re climbing the Primal Preserve’s towering trees or slogging through the Saurian Swamp’s ancient mud, you’d better watch your back: the locals are big, hungry, and more than happy to make you extinct.

The Jurassic Jungle (also known to be called Primal Preserve and Saurian Swamp) is a Prime World biome filled with a Dinosaur infested Jungle. It exists in any Adventure Worlds leveled Uber 4 or higher and can appear in either small patches or massive chunks of land. Meteorite Fragments can only be obtained here.

Jurassic Jungle icon as seen on the mini-map

Jurassic Jungle biomes are displayed on the map as forest green areas with dino prints. The biome has a chance to spawn two different variants, the Primal Preserve (Forest Canopy) and the Saurian Swamp. The Primal Preserve consists of two different layers of the world, the Canopy (Upper Layer) and Deep Forest (Ground Level) each with a different set of mob spawns and lair/dungeon spawns. The Canopy area is the only location that spawns Meteorites that drop Meteorite Fragments. The Swamplands consists of multiple riverbanks and lakes. This biome also spawns different mobs in comparison to the Primal Preserve.

Different mobs will spawn depending their location. Enemies that roam this biome include dinosaurs such as Archeosaurus, Therizinosaurus and Triceratops and occasionally tribal inhabitants such as apes, birds and frogs. The Tyrannosaurus Rex has a chance to spawn rarely in this biome and will always have a Buff and a large amount of health, making it a formidable opponent.

This is the home of the Dino Tamer.

Background theme when entering the Jurassic Jungle.

Biome Colors

Element (R, G, B) # Color Primal Block
Swamp Grass 132, 202, 101 84CA65 Primal Green small.png Primal Green
Canopy 43, 64, 45 2B402D Primal Green small.png Primal Green
Dirt 1 68, 53, 32 443520 Primal Orange small.png Primal Orange
Dirt 2 68, 52, 19 443413 Primal Orange small.png Primal Orange
Stone 46, 44, 41 2E2C29 Primal Grey small.png Primal Grey
Tree Trunk 106, 98, 90 6A625A Primal Orange small.png Primal Orange
Tree Foliage 52, 67, 56 344338 Primal Green small.png Primal Green
Fern (light) 56, 131, 55 388337 N/A*
Fern (dark) 48, 106, 47 306A2F N/A*
Leaf Cluster 81, 83, 66 515342 N/A*
Bone Cluster 255, 255, 255 FFFFFF N/A*
Swamp Clutter 106, 98, 90 6A625A N/A*
Swamp Grass Trunk 46, 35, 13 2E230D N/A*
Swamp Grass Folliage 73, 164, 39 49A427 N/A*
Meteorite Stone (Light) 47, 51, 61 2F333D N/A*
Meteorite Stone (Dark) 39, 41, 48 272930 N/A*
Meteorite Crystals 28, 217, 199 1CD9C7 N/A*
*Colors taken from plants that spawn around the biome.



From Environment From Ore Veins From Enemies From Lairs/Dungeons
Glim small.png Glim
from Grass
Shapestone Ore small.png Shapestone Ore Sticky Ichor small.png Sticky Ichor
from Quetzalcoatlus
Jurassic Recipe small.png Jurassic Recipe
from Jurassic Recipe Lairs
Bomb small.png Bomb
from Grass
Formicite Ore small.png Formicite Ore
- -
Meteorite Fragment small.png Meteorite Fragment
from Meteorites

Only in Primal Preserve

Infinium Ore small.png Infinium Ore - -
- Golden Soul small.png Golden Soul
Only found in other ore veins
- -
- Primordial Flame small.png Primordial Flame - -


NOTE: Dungeons and Lairs do not spawn on the top layer (with the exception of Gather Three Trovians Quests).

Enemy Natural Spawn Lair/Dungeon Spawn Lair Boss Dungeon Pre-Boss Dungeon Boss Cursed Skulls
Enemy Sabretooth Scarab.png Sabretooth Scarab Yes.png Yes.png
Enemy Quetzalcoatlus.png Quetzalcoatlus Yes.png Yes.png
Enemy Avian Troglodyte.png Avian Troglodyte Yes.png Yes.png


2016-10-01 160343.png
Jurassic Mine
2016-10-01 162732.png
Dino Egg temple
2016-10-01 161524.png
Small Tree Fort
2016-10-01 160508.png
Large Tree Fort
2016-12-25 184531.png
Reptilian House
2016-10-01 161802.png
Recipe Dungeon


2016-10-01 160722.png
Giant Meteor Strike
2016-10-01 160834.png
Le Rock
2016-10-01 162527.png
Overgrown moon temple
2016-12-25 184354.png
Jurassic Arena
2016-12-25 184445.png
Ancient Dinosaur Temple
2016-12-25 195415.png
Floating Rock


2016-12-25 184125.png
Christmas Tree (snow fest)
Pumpkin (Shadows eve)



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Item Description
Saurian Sail small.png Saurian Sail Helps keep you cool by dispersing internal heat.
Tricera-Topper small.png Tricera-Topper If you could secure it to your head, you could use it as a weapon.
Finned Flynn small.png Finned Flynn The villains are different, bit the basic premise is the same - standing up for the little guy.
Saurian Skullcap small.png Saurian Skullcap Finding one large enough to use as a helmet has proved... complicated.
Capzalcoatlus small.png Capzalcoatlus Colorful enough to draw all eyes to you, which may not be a great idea.
Flanged Scale Helmet small.png Flanged Scale Helmet Its sharp flanges are a mighty deterrent to attacks from above.
Sculptured Scalp Scuttler small.png Sculptured Scalp Scuttler An ancient fossil, painstakingly worked into a novel piece of headwear.
Meteor Husk Helm small.png Meteor Husk Helm Hollowed out by hand, but by whom?
Item Description
50px Mellow Marshian Makes pools of stagnant water and damp foliage strangely appealing.
Forest Forager small.png Forest Forager Ape Trogs still inhabit forests, but appear to no longer climb trees.
Ape Trog Boss small.png Ape Trog Boss No one has seen a live female trog of any species, raising questions as to how they reproduce.
Subservient Saurian small.png Subservient Saurian Saurian Trogs appear to have evolved from a single species of dinosaur.
Saurian Trog Boss small.png Saurian Trog Boss Trog society appears to center around one or more dominant males, visually distinct from their peers.
Avian Adversary small.png Avian Adversary Avian Trogs inhabit the jungle canopy, rarely venturing to the lands below.
Avian Trog Boss small.png Avian Trog Boss Four main species of Trog are known, each appearing to have evolved from a distinct class of fauna.
Amphibian Ambusher small.png Amphibian Ambusher Many who venture into Trog-infested marshes are never heard from again.
Frog Trog Boss small.png Frog Trog Boss The process by which dominant trogs become distinct from their lessers is poorly understood.
Beaky Buddy small.png Beaky Buddy Some saurians are easier to domesticate than others.
Item Description
Starglass-Studded Sword Club small.png Starglass-Studded Sword Club Chunks of jagged alien rock line its edges, like the fangs in a saurian's maw.
Fanged Sword Club small.png Fanged Sword Club Only chieftains and great warriors get actual saurian fangs in these.
Fernicious Flenser small.png Fernicious Flenser This sharp-leafed plant grows in thick patches that even the largest dinosaurs avoid.
Starglass Sword small.png Starglass Sword Starglass shards this large are extremely rare and highly prized.
Fossilized Femur small.png Fossilized Femur Sturdy enough to support several dozen tons of giant lizard, before it turned to stone.
Starglass Hand Adze small.png Starglass Hand Adze Starglass lends itself particularly well to tools with small business ends.
Sharpened Shoulder Blade small.png Sharpened Shoulder Blade Certain saurian bones can be turned into tools with minimum effort.
Item Description
50px Triloblaster N/A
50px Meteor Matchstick Strike it against hard surfaces and strange things happen.
Irradiated Starglass Shard small.png Irradiated Starglass Shard This particular chunk of starglass has the power to shape history.
Tyrant's Claw small.png Tyrant's Claw Granted at birth or taken by force, it commands obeisance.
Astral Asterid small.png Astral Asterid Trog shamans use this poisonous flower as an ingredient in their poultices.
Cera-Top Gun small.png Cera-Top Gun Surprisingly effective at shooting down flying predators.
Time-Lost Steam Pistol small.png Time-Lost Steam Pistol Possible proof that you're not the first outsider to visit these lands.
Item Description
Fin Finish small.png Fin Finish A great combination of form and function.
Starglass-Studded Saurian Spine small.png Starglass-Studded Saurian Spine This fine weapon is a symbol of status among dinosaur hunters.
Slinger Sail small.png Slinger Sail Creates a tailwind for every arrow it fires.
Sabretooth Reverse Recurve small.png Sabretooth Reverse Recurve Fashioned from the fangs of a savage predator.
Primitive Plainshunter small.png Primitive Plainshunter Ranged weapons truly shine in open spaces with few obstacles.
Saurian Tail Bow small.png Saurian Tail Bow Supple and strong in just the right balance.
Item Description
Starglass Staff small.png Starglass Staff Adorned with a roughly polished orb of meteoric crystal.
Starglass-Encrusted Bone Club small.png Starglass-Encrusted Bone Club Tools are adorned with Starglass as an indicator of status.
Fossilized Seedling small.png Fossilized Seedling Poor seedling, so soon its life brought to a standstill.
Tribal Protector small.png Tribal Protector One who stands up to tyrants is the perfect symbol of a tribe's guardian.
Primitive Prototaxian small.png Primitive Prototaxian Once the largest organisms of its time, they are now merely considered "large-ish".
Peace Standard small.png Peace Standard Archeoceratops are much more amenable to inter-species socialization.
Item Description
50px Cosmic Wedge Discovered in an ancient crater, it is presumed to be of extra-Trovian origin.
Dino Horn Halberd small.png Dino Horn Halberd It is unclear what species they belonged to, but their effectiveness is undisputed
Stone Stabber small.png Stone Stabber You know it's a classic when the design stays mostly the same for 10,000 years
Spearing Bill small.png Spearing Bill No need to reinvent the wheel when nature freely provides it
Helping Hand small.png Helping Hand When life gives you small hands, overcompensate with tools
Plated Pike small.png Plated Pike Studded with massive stegosaurus plates, it provides both defense and offense
Ceratops Trident small.png Ceratops Trident Triple the stabbing power, in one tidy package
Sea Stinger small.png Sea Stinger This giant eurypterid is bad news for anything that gets in your way
Starglass Stabber small.png Starglass Stabber Starglass tools and weapons are vastly superior to wood, bone, and stone ones


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