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Kami of Fiery Fervor
Category NPC
Type Outpost
Affinity Kami
Primary Biome Luminopolis
AI Type Passive
Blueprint ID
NPC Kami of Fiery Fervor

The Kami of Fiery Fervor is an outpost NPC that can be found in Outpost Shrines in the Luminopolis variant of the Neon City biome.

They offer players a random Outpost Adventure.

Name Description How to Get Reward
Defeat a Super Punchbot Boss  Super Punchbots can be found as a boss in the Lairs and Dungeons of Neon City. Defeat a Super Punchbot one-star boss in a Lair or Dungeon. Adventurine small Adventurine x20
10x lair experience
Defeat Enemies in Luminopolis  Defeat 10 Enemies of the Resistors in the Luminopolis region of Neon City. Defeat any 10 enemies in the Luminopolis variant of the Neon City. Enemies spawned by bosses do not count towards the adventure progress. Adventurine small Adventurine x10
10x lair experience
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