Cotton Candy

Kevin ingame

Category NPC
Primary Biome Geode - Sanctuary
AI Type Passive
Blueprint ID
NPC Kevin

Kevin is a passive NPC that can be found on the side of a Sanctuary Shuttle in the Geode - Sanctuary.

They can also rarely spawn anywhere in the Forbidden Shadows biome of the Shores of the Everdark.


Speaker Event Dialogue
Kevin Player approach Great, from the eternal night of the Everdark to these endless days of Geode. Normal weather would be nice for once.
Kevin Player approach How long do you think the Geodians are going to keep us cooped up in here? Didn't we come here to kick some Shadow butt?
Kevin Player approach Amberine is kinda cool, I guess...
Kevin Player approach I wonder how long it will take Saltwater Sam to invent a fishing pole that works on cave milk...
Kevin Player approach If something doesn't happen soon I'm just going to leave again


  • Kevin is a reference to an angry player of the same name who made a big deal of quitting the game. His infamous rant became a joke and was added as an easter egg.
  • Kevin wrote the Diary Pages featured in the Saminator event.
  • Kevin uses the same model as the Cotton Candy ally.


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