Trove Wiki

The items listed here are the default key bindings in the game. You can change your key bindings in Controls, which you can find by pressing Escape, then click on Settings. To change a key, press the green button that you want to change and then press the key you want to change it to.

Hotkeys are used as a fast way to use or place an object in Trove. Players assign an item to a hotkey by dragging an item from their inventory into the Hotbar. Using the corresponding key on the keyboard will use the item assigned to it.


Blocks, trophies, portals, decorations, and crafting stations can only be placed with their hotkey while in Build Mode. Bombs, potions, recipes, Holiday boxes, mounts and mag riders can be placed on hotkeys while in Adventure Mode.


PC Xbox One/Playstation 4 Command
[W] Left Thumbstick Up Move Forward
[S] Left Thumbstick Down Move Backward
[A] Left Thumbstick Left Move Left
[D] Left Thumbstick Right Move Right
[Space] Gamepad A/Gamepad X Jump
[F] Hold Gamepad X/Hold Gamepad Square Fish
[E] Gamepad X/Gamepad Square Loot/Interact
Hold [H] Hold Dpad Up Move to Homeworld
[Z] Press Left Stick Toggle Mount
[X] Hold Left Stick Toggle Mag Riders
[G] Hold Left Stick Toggle Boats
[Tab] Back Switch between Modes
[M] Press Right Stick Map
[C] Dpad Down Character Sheet
[B] Dpad Up Inventory
[N] Menu Button/Options Button Store
[F1] Menu Button/Options Button Welcome Screen
[V] Menu Button/Options Button Navigation Menu
[O] Menu Button/Options Button Friends List
[[] Menu Button/Options Button Liked Worlds
[P] Menu Button/Options Button Clubs
[Y] Menu Button/Options Button Collections
[J] Menu Button/Options Button Change Class
[K] Menu Button/Options Button Leaderboards
[U] Menu Button/Options Button Player Marketplace
[]] Menu Button/Options Button Cornerstones
[L] Menu Button/Options Button Claims
[I] Menu Button/Options Button Adventure Tracker
Enter Dpad Down Open Chat
Numlock N/A Auto Forward
Alt N/A Release Mouse
[F7] N/A Toggle UI
Escape N/A System Menu
[F9] N/A Metaforge Free Cam
[F10] N/A Metaforge Cinematic Editor

Hotbar - Adventure Mode

PC Xbox One/Playstation 4 Command
[M1] Right Trigger/R2 Basic Ability
[M2] Left Trigger/L2 Primary Ability
[1] Right Bumper/R1 Ability 1
[2] Left Bumper/L1 Ability 2
[Q] Gamepad Y/Gamepad Triangle Use Flasks
[R] Dpad Left Use Item Slot 1
[T] Dpad Right Use Item Slot 2
Shift Gamepad B/Gamepad Circle Dodge
[M3] N/A Dodge 2

Hotbar - Build Mode

PC Xbox One/Playstation 4 Command
[M1] Right Trigger/R2 Place block
[M2] Left Trigger/L2 Destroy Block
[1] Gamepad B/Gamepad Circle Select Slot 1
2 Gamepad X/Gamepad Square Select Slot 2
[3-9] N/A Select Slots 3-9
[Shift+Mouse Wheel Up] Gamepad Y/Gamepad Triangle Rotate Clockwise
[Shift+Mouse Wheel Down] N/A Rotate Counter-clockwise
[CTRL] N/A Walk
N/A Right Bumper/R1 Select Next Slot
N/A Left Bumper/L1 Select Previous Slot

Hotbar - User Interface

PC Xbox One/Playstation 4 Command
[M3] Gamepad Y/Gamepad Triangle Remove Item
Escape Gamepad B/Gamepad Circle Cancel an action and close interface windows.
[M2] Gamepad A/Gamepad X Transfer Item
[CTRL + Drag] N/A Transfer Exact Amount
N/A Dpad Up Move Selection Up
N/A Dpad Down Move Selection Down
N/A Dpad Left Move Selection Left
N/A Dpad Right Move Selection Right