King Qubesly

King Qubesly

Category Ally
Type Qubesly
Group Mastery
Stat 1 10% Maximum Health
Stat 2 10% Health Regeneration
Stat 3 Reduced cooldown time by 10%
Item ID
A magnificent monarch who deems you his equal.
— Item Tooltip

King Qubesly is a mastery ally that can be obtained after reaching 210 Mastery Rank.

Because they are account locked, they are unable to be bought, sold, or traded.


  • King Qubesly has the same stats as the promotional ally, Dr. Qubesly. This was requested by the community because of an issue about the ally explained in the forums about obtaining the Dr. Qubesly ally for people who weren't able to participate or want to "pay" for the ally in the Extra Life 2015 charity event.
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