Trove Wiki

Found throughout the lands of Trove, lairs offer an opportunity for a quick adventure to all who would brave their depths. Be on the lookout for cursed skulls or Swarms while you explore lairs made by Trove developers and players alike; you may get more adventure than you expected!

Lairs are displayed on the Map with a tower icon, and can be uncovered by exploring through the Fog of War feature. Recipe Lairs will display a scroll on the Map instead of a tower.

Lairs are also commonly called Dungeons.

Lair Classes


Only found in Prime Uber worlds, these are denoted by a large recipe above them both on the map and in the world. Players will face five Shadow Drone and a Shadow Knight. Defeating the Shadow Knight will cause the recipe scroll to spawn, which completes the Lair. Players must then destroy the scroll to obtain the biome-specific recipe.

Treasure Isles recipes are only bought by Treasure Isles Traders in Drowned Worlds and are not found in dungeons.

Unity ("Three Trovians")

Lair Unity Gold.png

Three gold statues around a platform, gathering two other players (or more) will complete the Lair, causing a chest to spawn. These can spawn in almost every biome.

Boss Lairs


Boss lairs are the most common type of lair and is found on almost every biome. The quest displayed on the upper right corner is to slay an specific boss depending on the biome. After the boss is defeated a chest will spawn along with a exit portal.

Cursed Skull Lairs


The second most common type of lair is an cursed skull lair which may replace the boss usually found in a lair. Once activated the player has to defeat 2 waves of enemies with the first consisting of 3 enemies and the second consisting 4. There are usually ranged mobs accompanying the close ranged mobs.

Swarm Lairs


Swarm lairs are unique lairs found throughout the world, once activated the player must kill 10/30 enemies of the same type which constantly appear. Once an enemy is killed another takes its place until the required number of enemies are defeated. In the quest it simply says "Activate the Cursed Skulls", once activated the quest will display the swarm objective.