Shady Dealer

Larsene portrait


Larsene ingame

Category NPC
Type Hero - Rare
Biome Shadow Tower
Model Bipedal
Location Club Worlds
(Rally of Heroes)
Visiting Hours 1 day
Cost to Remove Clubit small Clubit x 400
Sleeping Hours Every 5 hours
Wakes After 1 hour
Waking Cost Clubit small Clubit x 75
NPC Larsene

Larsene is a rare hero that can be spawned at the Rally of Heroes fixture in club worlds. They offer players adventures themed around the Shadow Tower that grant Adventurine and club experience for the club the adventure was taken from.

They require a Tier 1 Repose of Heroes fixture in order to spawn in the club world.


Larsene grants players adventures for the Shadow Tower.

Adventure List
Name Description How to Get Reward
Defeat a Shadow Titan  Travel to the Shadow Tower and defeat 1 of the Shadow Titans. Spikewalker, Weeping Prophet, Vengeful Pinata God, Shadow Hydrakken, Darknik Dreadnaught, OR Daughter of the Moon at any difficulty level. Defeat any Shadow Titan in the Shadow Tower on any difficulty. Adventurine small Adventurine x45
150 Club XP
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