Locked Adventurine Strongbox

Locked Adventurine Strongbox

Category Lootbox
Type Adventure Box
Item ID
Requires Adventurine Stronbox Key to open.
— Item Tooltip

Locked Adventurine Strongbox is a reward for completing Adventure quests. They require an Adventurine Strongbox Key to open.


The following are the contents of the Locked Adventurine Stronbox by rarity:

Locked Adventurine Strongbox small Locked Adventurine Strongbox
Item Amount Rarity
Grumpy Snow Fiendling small Grumpy Snow Fiendling 1 Uncommon
Eggnoggin small Eggnoggin 1
Hyperqubes small Hyperqubes 1
Bashful Lovebug small Bashful Lovebug 1
Pink Cookiephant small Pink Cookiephant 1
Blue Cookiephant small Blue Cookiephant 1
Chocolate Chicanery small Chocolate Chicanery 1
Eggster Bouncer small Eggster Bouncer 1
Truefire Phoenix small Truefire Phoenix 1
Balefire Phoenix small Balefire Phoenix 1
Pink Budgie Buddy small Pink Budgie Buddy 1
Blue Budgie Buddy small Blue Budgie Buddy 1
Shuffling Shrimp Nigiri small Shuffling Shrimp Nigiri 1
Delicious Dragon Roll small Delicious Dragon Roll 1
Kami of Scorched Skies small Kami of Scorched Skies 1
Kami of Sheltered Shores small Kami of Sheltered Shores 1
Paunchy Dragon Pup small Paunchy Dragon Pup 1
Prodigal Peridoter small Prodigal Peridoter 1
Giant Red Panda small Giant Red Panda 1
Giant Fae Panda small Giant Fae Panda 1
Fae Wildweaver small Fae Wildweaver 1
Orbed Weaver small Orbed Weaver 1
Blue Manta Ray small Blue Manta Ray 1
Green Manta Ray small Green Manta Ray 1
Giant Iguana small Giant Iguana 1
Giant Gila Monster small Giant Gila Monster 1
Crimson-Crested Crane small Crimson-Crested Crane 1
Frolicksome Fox Spirit small Frolicksome Fox Spirit 1
50px Afterburn 1
50px Block Dragon Egg Fragment 1
50px Wooly Boraryn 1 Uncommon (Seasonal)
50px Prancing Zef 1
50px Charging Eurose 1
50px Shambling Nottoc 1
50px Enforced Eradicator 1 Rare (Untradable)
Gumball Gunner small Gumball Gunner 1
50px NecroTrickster 1
Pyromagical Prankster small Pyromagical Prankster 1
50px Devilish Simian 1
50px Demonic Inferno 1
50px Warlock of the Wind 1
Blue Trovian Ranger small Blue Trovian Ranger 1
50px Captain Cold 1
Chaotic Wanderer small Chaotic Wanderer 1
Rabbity Raiser small Rabbity Raiser 1
50px Shadow Hydrakken 1
50px Starforger 1
50px ChronoMancer 1
Framework Fabricator small Framework Fabricator 1
Ignis Dracolich small Ignis Dracolich 1
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