Category Item
Type Influencer
Item ID
Improves the chance of getting a rare reward from Reliquaries and Bronze Companions Eggs.
— Item Description

Lodestar is a material used to improve the chance of uncommon and rare drops from Reliquaries and Companion Eggs. This item must be used before the time needed to reveal a reliquary at the Reliquary Revealer or hatch an egg at the Egg Incubator. These can be crafted at the Crystallogy Workbench (requires skill level "Enthusiast" to craft) or obtained as a reward for reaching Geode Mastery ranks 8, 40, and 80 (x2).


Crafted Using

Crafting Station
Crystallogy Workbench small Crystallogy Workbench
Ingredient(s) Amount
Crystal small

Crystal 1,250
Quirkstone small

Quirkstone 150
Cave Birds small

Cave Birds 40
Cave Kelp small

Cave Kelp 40
Lodestar small Lodestar 1
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