Loot Collector

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Category Crafting Station
Type Deconstructing
Placeable Club World - Cornerstone
Item ID
Feed it equipment to break it down into useful materials and collect their styles
— Item Tooltip

The Loot Collector is an item collecting crafting station used to deconstruct unnecessary items. Items like Gear, Fish, Allies, and Items styles can be deconstructed for usable materials for crafting or forging.


Crafting Station
Novice Crafting Bench small.png Novice Crafting Bench
Ingredient(s) Amount
Shapestone Ore small.png

Shapestone Ore 2
Loot Collector small.png Loot Collector 1


Using the Loot Collector on gear will give Flux depending on the rarity and forge level. Relic gear and above will also give Eyes of Q'bthulhu, and Shadow level 2 and above will give the appropriate Forged Shadow Souls (Twice Forged for level 2, Thrice Forged for level 3 etc.). Using the Loot Collector on an item also saves the style in your collection (replacing the old Style Saver), allowing you to equip that style on top of another weapon to make it look like the style you have equipped. Each style you save gives you 1 Mastery Point, and you can obviously only style save a single style once.

Collecting fish always gives you a certain amount of Glim, and most give another material too. You also save the fish in your collection the same way you get the style of collected equipment, but this doesn't serve much purpose apart from giving you mastery points for the first time you deconstruct a certain type of fish. HERE is the entire list for what fish drop, where to go fishing to find them, what rod you need etc.

Collecting common Allies will give 50 Glim, Uncommons give 100(*possibly inaccurate), and rare Allies give 2,500.

also you can now get items currently loot collected (by you )by going to the next list and having the requirements for them.


Patch Content
Neon Nightsky Edition Deconstructor got the Style Saver's style saving ability, all Style Savers in inventories were replaced by Deconstructors
Launch is Coming Update Deconstructor renamed to Loot Collector.
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