Lunar Lancer
Ui class lunarlancer
Class Type Melee
Weapon Type Spear
Damage Physical
Biome Shadow Tower
Class Coin small Class Coin
Starter Class Coin small Starter Class Coin
Credits 2 250
Lunacy Pack
Class ID
Guardians of the Twilight Stratospheres, Lancers accumulate lunar power as they fight, eventually erupting into full Lunatic Mode. They can also call down a blessing from their missing deity, and use Grappling Spear for damage and mobility.
— In-Game Class Description

The Lunar Lancer is a Melee Spear user in Trove. This class is considered to be a follower of the Moon Goddess, originating from The Everdark, where the Shadow Tower is located.


Crafting Station
Chaos Core Crafter small Chaos Core Crafter
Ingredient(s) Amount
Chaos Core small

Chaos Core 1
Flux small

Flux 1000
Radiant Shard small

Radiant Shard 100
Faerie Dust small

Faerie Dust 8
50px Lunar Lancer 1


The Lunar Lancer was hinted to be an upcoming class. This class introduced a new weapon type; the Spear. This was found within the blueprint files by a few Trove players and was announced on a Trion Worlds stream (Friday, July 24, 2015) with two teaser images, along with a rampant rumor that this class would be launching in September of 2015. The moves and model were later revealed on another Trion Worlds stream (Friday, August 21, 2015), along with revealing the Shadow Tower. It was also shown that the Lunar Lancer has a tail. The official release of the Lunar Lancer was scheduled to be at September 15, 2015 along with the Shadow Tower Update.


Basic Attack
RANGE: 4 Blocks
ATTACK RATE: 1.75 x Attack Speed/sec
Weapon: Spear
Strikes all enemies in a line.
  • Does not damage blocks.
Gain lunar power by attacking enemies. After gathering enough lunar power, transform for 12s, empowering your abilities and gaining 25% damage reduction, 50% PD, 300% health regeneration, 30 movement speed, and 100 stability.
  • Three moons orbit the player and slowly change from new moon to full moon as lunar power is accumulated.
Shadow Lancer
Shadow Lancer
Lunacy Lunacy also spawns a dark shadow version of yourself that attacks enemies.
Lasts for 25s or until it dies.
Class Gem Lunar Lancer
Grappling Spear
Cooldown 1.5s
Energy Cost 20
Grappling Spear Throw
Throw: Throw a spear that attaches to surfaces and creates a mini-explosion when it passes through an enemy or lands.
range: ??
Grappling Spear Grapple
Grapple: Pulls the Lunar Lancer to the spear's location. Useable when a spear lands within range.
range: 30 blocks
Duration: 6s
Grappling Spear Teleport
Teleport: Teleports the Lunar Lancer to the spear's location, creating a small explosion after the teleport. Only available when a spear is already planted before entering Lunacy Lunacy. Single use.
  • The spear travels in an arc.
  • While grappling, the Lunar Lancer will stop if there's an enemy in the way and deal an AoE explosion.
  • While Lunacy is active, the Lunar Lancer throws 2x bigger spears.
  • While the Lunacy is active, Grapple can not be used.
Crescent Combo
Energy Cost 50
Crescent Combo
Swing your spear in a wide-arc and charge for a second hit. The second hit stuns all enemies for 1s.
  • While under Lunacy Lunacy, the second hit stuns for 2s and knocks enemies up.
  • Does not damage blocks.
Blessing of the Moon
Cooldown 40s
Energy Cost 40
RANGE: 8 Block Radius
Blessing of the Moon
Summon a spear that damages enemies and increases health regeneration by 100%, movement speed by 20, and stability by 1000. Spear impact deals 500% PD in a 3 block radius. Pulses for 50% PD every ??s.
  • The spear lands 4 blocks in front of the player.
  • Affects entities 5 blocks up and 2 blocks down.
  • The spear takes on the appearance of your weapon.
  • If used while in Lunacy Lunacy, a barrage of meteorites rains from the sky, dealing AoE damage and damaging blocks.
  • Ignores Lunacy's stat increase when calculating Blessing of the Moon Blessing of the Moon's stat increase.

Stat Gain per Level

Note: Lunar Lancer gets a +30% Physical Damage boost at the start without any gear/gems.

Level Physical Damage Maximum Health

Attack Speed

Movement Speed

Critical Damage
2 +10 +20 +1 +1 -
3 +10 +20 +1 - -
4 +18 +40 +1 +1 -
5 +18 +40 +1 - -
6 +35 +60 +1 +1 -
7 +35 +60 +1 - -
8 +50 +80 +1 +1 -
9 +50 +80 +1 - -
10 +50 +100 +1 +1 -
11 +50 +100 +1 - -
12 +50 +100 +1 +1 -
13 +50 +100 +1 - -
14 +50 +100 +1 +1 -
15 +50 +100 +1 - -
16 +50 +100 +1 +1 -
17 +50 +100 +1 - -
18 +50 +100 +1 +1 -
19 +50 +100 +1 - -
20 +52 +300 +10 - -
21 +100 +200 +1 - -
22 +100 +200 +1 - -
23 +100 +200 +1 - -
24 +100 +200 +1 - -
25 +150 +300 +1 - -
26 +150 +300 +1 - -
27 +150 +300 +1 - -
28 +200 +300 +1 - -
29 +200 +400 +1 - -
30 +250 +500 +2 - +25

Gameplay Strategy


It is recommended to get higher energy regen rather than attack speed since you'll be spamming Crescent Combo. This class has a very low survivability, but deals the most lethal damage in game (Even beats Fae Trickster). It is still easy to overtake dungeons and lairs whilst standing alone.


Try to stick with your team, the LL is a bit weaker on the defense side than some other heavier classes (hence why people call it "squishy"). Use Crescent Combo and Blessing of the Moon to support your team during boss fights, or take out smaller enemies while the stronger classes take care of bigger enemies. Remember your ultimate also gives buffs to everyone nearby, so try to use it where there is high traffic (movement in that area).

Flasks and Emblems

Martial Emblem - The most effective emblem for the class, It will superbly boost your attacks when combined with Lunacy Mode. In general, it doubles your Physical Damage stat.

Restorative Emblem - Can almost make you immortal when combined with this class' skills.

Chronomatic Emblem - When combined with Chronomatic Cubesly, it will significantly reduce the cooldown for Blessing Of The Moon (useful if you would like to build it for support).

Shadow Shrike Emblem - Nothing much, but since you deal a heavy amount of damage, you will make this emblem stronger.

Master Cheep Emblem - Just the same as Shadow Shrike, but obtainable through mastery.

Surestrike Emblem - If you're taking down U6 or U5 dungeons, this is a definite emblem to reserve. For half the duration of the Martial Emblem, it will ensure that each hit you inflict is a critical hit, which increases the amount of damage you deal by at least 50% (could be more if you have gear with Critical Damage on it). Pair this up with Rapt Berserker and you can wipe out U6 bosses in exactly three hits.

Vampiric Emblem - This can be vital for survivability in U6 if you don't have enough health to naturally survive long enough to kill.


There are several Allies that can be used to benefit the Lunar Lancer, some of which can help survivability and/or increase overall damage.

  • Rapt Berserker: The most effective ally for this class, it will significantly boost your damage output and your health (it heals faster than prowling since you kill your foes fast).
  • Feisty Flamedancer: Allows you to spam your Crescent Combo more often due to its increase of your Energy Regeneration stat.
  • Elder Dragonling: An all-around useful ally, however, it is more difficult to obtain than most. This ally gives some boosts to your damage, reduces your cooldowns, and can even set enemies aflame when you attack them.
  • Monarch Dragonling: Has the same effect as Elder Dragonling but obtained through Mastery.
  • Bitty Shadow Bro: Similar to the Elder and Monarch Dragonlings but with a few differences. The damage remains the same until its ability kicks in. It has a special ability to increase Movement Speed, Attack Speed, and Damage drastically, but these boosts only have a 25% chance of occuring when defeating an enemy. Recommended for players doing damage to large groups of enemies to increase the chance to activate the secondary ability.


Skill Usage

  • Grappling Hook skill isn't really useful for damage. Instead, it is used for utility.
  • Crescent Combo is the most used skill by professionals. It dishes out lethal damage whilst stunning them at the same time, so It means you make their attack slow, too.
  • Blessing of the Moon is really effective when you do have a high Health Regeneration (2000+) since you get it upped by 700% when Lunatic Mode is active. Even with your faculties intact, you'll receive twice the healing within the range of your divine spear.

Beware of

  • Spinning Enemies - When its ability is on (Like Ladybugs), it'll have a 80% damage reduction which will significantly weaken the damage output by Lunar Lancer (and other DPS classes too). Using Crescent Combo while they're spinning will just make it take longer to defeat as it stuns them, so it's always a good idea to wait.
  • "Thorned" Bosses - You can recognize them if they have thorns below their feet. Also recognizable if its on by having a warning / startup sound (Brittle Sound/Sounds like a starting engine) It is not recommended by attacking them rapidly since every attack you'll get 15% of your HP loss.
  • "Laser" Bosses - Easy to recognize too since you'll just check if they have a purple/pink orb over their head. Their laser deals a heavy amount of damage and knockback if not avoided. It is very easy to avoid these attacks since it is a "Wind Up" attack.


Lunar Lancer (14)
Item Description Obtained
Starter Lunar Lancer small Starter Lunar Lancer
0 Mastery points
N/A • Granted to all players.
Level 10 Lunar Lancer small Level 10 Lunar Lancer
35 Mastery points
N/A • Granted to all players after reaching EXP lv. 10 as Lunar Lancer.
Level 20 Lunar Lancer small Level 20 Lunar Lancer
35 Mastery points
N/A • Granted to all players after reaching EXP lv. 20 as Lunar Lancer.
Burnished Bronze small Burnished Bronze
70 Mastery points
A costume for the Lunar Lancer. This ancestral armor has been worn with pride by many generations of Lancers. • Bought from the store for Credits small750
Lunacy Pack
Twilight Temperance small Twilight Temperance
70 Mastery points
A costume for the Lunar Lancer. An outfit signifying stoicism during the Moon's dark phases, it has taken on a new, more somber meaning in recent times. • Bought from the store for Credits small750
Lunacy Pack
Monkey King small Monkey King
70 Mastery points
A costume for the Lunar Lancer. Begin your westward journey. • Bought from the store for Credits small1250
Shadow's Eve Costume Pack
Duskrider Dragoon small Duskrider Dragoon
70 Mastery points
A costume for the Lunar Lancer. Duskrider Dragoons can call upon the power of their mounts to transform into a fearsome hybrid. Double Dragon Pack
Shadowscorn Saboteur small Shadowscorn Saboteur
70 Mastery points
Lunar Lancer craftable costume. A vicious covert operative with no qualms about getting their hands dirty. • Craftable at the Chaos Core Crafter.
Demersal Marine small Demersal Marine
70 Mastery points
A costume for the Lunar Lancer. Deploy at any depth with this distinguished diving suit. • Craftable at the Chaos Core Crafter.
Golden Glaivesinger small Golden Glaivesinger
70 Mastery points
A costume for the Lunar Lancer. Glaivesingers hold watch through the night, and greet Albairn's passing by joining him in song • Craftable at the Chaos Core Crafter.
Moon Draccoon small Moon Draccoon
70 Mastery points
A costume for the Lunar Lancer. Elite warriors capable of carrying out the most dangerous missions, Draccoons command respect throughout the Goddess's domains. Bought from the Shadowy Market
Defender of the Moon small Defender of the Moon
105 Mastery points
A costume for the Lunar Lancer. This suit of lunar armor is worthy of the Moon Goddess's chosen champion. Bought from the Shadowy Market
Lunar Legionnaire small Lunar Legionnaire
175 Mastery points
A rare lunar Lunar Lancer Costume. Perfect for protectors whose power surges in prickly predicaments. Bought from the Shadowy Market
Heralded Harrier small Heralded Harrier
35 Mastery points
A costume for the Lunar Lancer. Heed the call of Fortras and join the battle in this mechanized military outfit. • Craftable at the Chaos Core Crafter.
In Progress
Item Description Obtained
Impish Tormentor small Impish Tormentor A costume for the Lunar Lancer. A devilish costume perfect for punishing those who stray from the light. Will be implemented in future patches.
Crimson Corsair small Crimson Corsair A costume for the Lunar Lancer. A boldly-colored costume for fearless seafarers. Will be implemented in future patches.


Trove - Rise of the Shadow Tower Launch Trailer

Trove - Rise of the Shadow Tower Launch Trailer

Official Rise of the Shadow Tower preview


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