Category Consumables
Type Fishing
Item ID
Required to catch fish. Consumed on use.
— Item Description

Lures are used in Fishing, players cannot fish without them. They can be purchased from NPC Saltwater Sam in the Hub in bundles, for Glim. They can also be obtained with the Fishing Lure Factory tome.

Lures always cost 10 Glim each, but can be bought either individually or in bundles of either 9 or 90.

If the player retracts a lure while fishing before a fish takes the bait, or a player is stunned by an enemy attack, the lure being used at the time the fishing stopped is consumed.


Crafting Station
Island Workbench small Island Workbench
Ingredient(s) Amount
Enchanted Wood small

Enchanted Wood 5
Lure small

Lure 5
Formicite Ore small

Formicite Ore 5
Primal Green small

Primal Green 10
Fishing Chair small Fishing Chair 1
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