Lustrous Gem Box

Item box gem lusterous

Category Gems
Type Gem Box
Tradeable NoTrade emote
Item ID
Open for a Builder's Focus or a Contained Chaos Spark!
— Item Tooltip

Lustrous Gem Boxes are a type of Lootbox that can be obtained by completing lairs and dungeons in adventure worlds during Wednesday's Daily Bonus, Gem Day. You get 3 drops maximum on Wednesday. 6 if you have patron active. These lootboxes can contain resources players can use at the Gem Forge to improve/re-roll stats on gems.

This box can be Loot Collected to receive 100 Glim.


The following are the contents of the Lustrous Gem Box by rarity. All are considered as a rare drop but are currently listed based on how often the item is obtained:

Lustrous Gem Box small Lustrous Gem Box
Banner Quality Amount Rarity
Builder's Rough Focus small Builder's Rough Focus 1
Builder's Precise Focus small Builder's Precise Focus 1 Uncommon
Builder's Superior Focus small Builder's Superior Focus 1 Rare
Contained Chaos Spark small Contained Chaos Spark 1
50px Contained Chaos Flare 1
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