Machinegun ingame
Category NPC
Type Spawn
Affinity Amperium
Primary Biome Luminopolis
AI Type Turret
Max Life 4
Item Drops
(Atoll of Madness Only)
Item (Quantity) Rarity
Glim small Glim (1-3) Common
Bomb small Bomb Uncommon
Void Pounder small Void Pounder Rare
Voidcoil Raygun small Voidcoil Raygun Rare
Chaotic Conk Buster small Chaotic Conk Buster Rare
Void Singer small Void Singer Rare
Fractal Fighting Fork small Fractal Fighting Fork Rare
Blueprint ID
Enemy Machinegun

Machineguns are ranged spawns that are passively spawned by Eyes of the Overlords in the Luminopolis variant of the Neon City biome.

All damage dealt to them is reduced to 1.

During the Portal to Darkness event, they could spawn in the outer Atoll of Madness as standard enemies instead. In the Atoll of Madness, all damage inflicted on them was changed to a fixed number aside from 1 (3,125 in Uber-1, 23,250 in Uber-4, 281,250 in Uber-7 and 3,250,000 in Uber-9), to the same effect - dying in exactly 4 hits.


Machineguns use the Turret AI, standing in place and turning to face the player.

They rapidly shoot streams of projectiles towards the targeted player in short bursts.

In the Atoll of Madness, they could only shoot single projectiles forward, and would attempt to lead their target, shooting in the direction they're moving rather than directly at them. Unlike most regular turret variants, they shot about twice as fast, and had a much larger aggro range.

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