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Masked Mercenary

Masked Mercenary.png

Category Styles
Type Costume
Group Neon Ninja
Designer [[:Category:Everscream|Everscream]][[Category:Everscream]]
Mastery 70 Trove Mastery logo.png 70 Geode Mastery logo.png
Item ID
A costume for the Neon Ninja. No one will know your identity with this eye-catching outfit.
— In-game Description

Masked Mercenary is a cosmetic costume that can be used on the Neon Ninja class. It is unlocked by crafting it at the Crystallogy Workbench.

This costume also unlocks the following styles:

  • Masked Mercenary Mask.pngMasked Mercenary Mask
  • Masked Mercenary Sword.pngMasked Mercenary Sword


Crafting Station
Crystallogy Workbench.pngCrystallogy Workbench
Ingredient(s) Amount
Crystal.png Crystal 9,999
Ancient Gears.png Ancient Gears 2,050
Wallflowers.png Wallflowers 250
Queen Trumpets.png Queen Trumpets 80
Lunarium.png Lunarium 310
Masked Mercenary.png Masked Mercenary 1


  • This costume was originally a mod made by the user Everscream. The original forum post can be seen HERE.