Mastery Pinata

Mastery Pinata item

Category Consumable
Type Pinata
Item ID
Spawns a Mastery Pinata when thrown. Defeating it will give something good to the person who throws it and 7 other random people nearby.
— Item Description

Mastery Pinatas are consumable items that spawn a Mastery Pinata (NPC) that will drop loot when defeated. They can be obtained after filling the Mastery Pinata Manuscript tome. These Mastery Pinatas have a chance to drop the Mastery Pinata mount.

Mastery Pinatas, once thrown, will drop randomized loot, but the loot will typically yield the following; Flux, Formicite Ore, Infinium Ore, Super Style Stash, Super Recipe Stash, rarely the Mastery Pin Head, Mastery Pinata mount, and a very rarely a Dormant Pinata Dragon Egg.

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