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Property maps are additional voxel meshes the same shape, and orientation, as your original model which determine the material properties of your creation. Coloring a voxel in a property map will change the property of the same voxel in the original mesh. For example, if you want the hilt of a sword to be solid and the blade opaque, you would color the hilt the solid color (255, 255, 255) and the blade transparent (128,128,128)

Note – do not change the color of the origin voxel – it remains (255, 000, 255)

There are three property maps – type, alpha(transparency amount), and specular(shininess)

1. Type map – this map determines whether a block is solid or transparent. Currently, there are three block types—Solid, glass and tiled glass
2. Alpha map – this map alters the transparency of any glass blocks.
3. Specular map – this map changes the specular property of any solid (non-glass) blocks.

The easiest way to make the property maps is to re-save your original model under a new name based on the table below and then re-color it.

Property Map naming

Property maps use the following name convention:

File Name Type of mesh Example
itemType_MeshName_username.qb Original Mesh pistol_AwesomeBlaster_Destral.qb
itemType_MeshName_username_t.qb Type map pistol_AwesomeBlaster_Destral_t.qb
itemType_MeshName_username_a.qb Alpha map pistol_AwesomeBlaster_Destral_a.qb
itemType_MeshName_username_s.qb Specular map pistol_AwesomeBlaster_Destral_s.qb

The valid item types for the file name are as follows

  • blunt
  • sword
  • axe
  • pistol
  • staff
  • bow
  • spear
  • fist (After the Heroes update goes live)
  • mask
  • hat
  • hair
  • deco (For cornerstone decorations)
  • lair
  • dungeon

Colors for the Type Map

See the "Replicating biome shading" section of the Lair and Dungeon page for additional values


Type of effect (R, G, B) # Color
Solid (Default) (255, 255, 255) FFFFFF
Glass (128, 128, 128) 808080
Tiled Glass (064, 064, 064) 404040
Glowing Solid (255, 000, 000) FF0000
Glowing Glass (255, 255, 000) FFFF00

Colors for the Alpha Map

Note that transparency will only work on voxels with the type map set to either glass, tiled glass or glowing glass.

Transparency (R, G, B) # Color
Very Transparent (016, 016, 016) 101010
| (048, 048, 048) 303030
| (080, 080, 080) 505050
| (112, 112, 112) 707070
| (144, 144, 144) 909090
| (176, 176, 176) B0B0B0
| (208, 208, 208) D0D0D0
Very Opaque (240, 240, 240) F0F0F0
Solid (Default) (255, 255, 255) FFFFFF

Colors for the Specular Map

Note that any specular value other than rough is only supported on voxels with a type map set to solid (255, 255, 255).

Specularity (R, G, B) # Color
Solid* (255, 255, 255) FFFFFF
Rough (Default) (128, 000, 000) 800000
Metal (000, 128, 000) 008000
Water (000, 000, 128) 000080
Iridescent (128, 128, 000) 808000
Wave (000, 128, 128) 008080
Waxy (128, 0, 128) 800080
*Can be used when Glass is used in Type Map or Transparency in Alpha Map.

How to create a blueprint for testing

First, make sure your mesh is in the same directory as your maps. Next, using Windows Explorer, drag your mesh file over to <GameInstall>idevtool_convert_to_blueprint.bat . This should process the file into a blueprint and save it in your Trove/blueprint directory. If the file wasn’t created, check the log in the roaming directory (%appdata%/Trove/DevTool.log) to see if there was a problem loading the files.

How to test a blueprint in-game

Replace [nameofblueprint] with the name of your blueprint file for all of the commands below.  For example, if you have a Trove blueprint file named mace01.blueprint, you can type /wp mace01 to test it.

-To test a weapon

Type /weaponpreview [nameofblueprint] or /wp [nameofblueprint]

-To test a face item

Type /facepreview [nameofblueprint]

-To test a hat

Type /hatpreview [nameofblueprint]

-To test a hairstyle

Type /hairpreview [nameofblueprint]

-To test a decoration

  • You must first enter the Metaforge, to do so type /metaforge
  • Once in the metaforge you should type /decopreview [nameofblueprint]

Accessing the Metaforge

If you don't have game access see Accessing the Metaforge without game access

Otherwise be logged into the game and type /metaforge

You can leave the Metaforge pressing P to join a club world or restarting Trove.


i <GameInstall> is the folder Trove is installed in.  To determine this location open Glyph, click Settings, and then click Trove in the menu on the left and there will be an "Install Folder" field

Video Guide


Trove Material Map Guide Tutorial-0

Material Map Video Guide

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