Medieval Highlands biome banner
Vibrant flora and flittering fireflies dot the lush landscape of the Medieval Highlands, but don’t be fooled by the peaceful demeanor of its verdant hills. Creatures may be skulking behind every tree trunk and thicket. If you see or hear a mushroom with legs, prepare to flee or fight!

Medieval Highlands (also known to be called Deep Forest, Firefly Party, and Frigga's Fjord) is a Prime World biome spawned in all Prime adventure worlds. It is the first biome featured in the Trovian Atlas (in the Novice Adventure World), and among the first biomes players encounter after starting the game. It exists in any level Adventure Worlds and can appear in small patches or massive chunks of land. The items that can be obtained here that are randomly generated are Enchanted Wood and Mushroom Chunks.

Medival highlands

Medieval Highlands as it appears on the map.

Medieval Highland biomes is displayed on the map as a green biome with a watermark pattern of a tree patterned within the area of the map. This biome contains Green Primal Purple blocks with Primal Orange Blocks for dirt and Grey for stone. There are many patches of grass that players can destroy by basic attacks or run over by Mounts, which will give players Glim and a few occasional pickup of Bombs.

This biome is made up of large scale forest structures and massive castles to give it a "medieval fantasy" like world to Trove. Medieval Highlands are home to many different kinds of large scale bugs and large mushroom monsters.

This is the home of the Knight.


Fledgling heroes underestimate the peaceful demeanor of this lush Biome. Its beautiful trees and vibrant flowers mask creatures that skulk behind every trunk and thicket. If you see or hear a mushroom with legs, prepare to flee or fight!

Biomes in this group tend toward a classical fantasy look, with green grass, verdant growth, and scattered remnants of lost civilizations. These woods are mysterious, magical, and home to all sorts of woodland critters - some more dangerous than others, of course!

Decoration items from this type of zone should appear to be made of wood or basic metals, and can be somewhat anachronistic in nature. Examples of appropriate creations could range from a fancy gilded butter churn to a wizard’s ritual table to a fully equipped, fiery Dwarven forge.

Weapons from these regions should also fit into fantasy tropes, albeit with quite a bit of flexibility. All manner of mundane and magical (and sometimes silly) weaponry fits within this group.

Biome Colors

Element (R, G, B) # Color Primal Block
Grass 73, 173, 18 #49ad12 Primal Green small Primal Green
Dirt 198, 102, 25 #4B382B Primal Orange small Primal Orange
Stone 69, 59, 52 #43423D Primal Grey small Primal Grey
Tree Bark (exterior) 175, 87, 21 #AF5715 Primal Orange small Primal Orange
Tree Bark (interior) 247, 237, 138 #F7ED8A Primal Orange small Primal Orange
Tree Foliage (light) 36, 154, 58 #249A3A Primal Green small Primal Green
Tree Foliage (dark) 17, 142, 40 #118E28 Primal Green small Primal Green



From Environment From Ore Veins From Enemies From Lairs/Dungeons
Glim small Glim
from Grass
Shapestone Ore small Shapestone Ore Mushroom Chunk small Mushroom Chunk
from Mushroom Men
Highlands Recipe small Highlands Recipe
from Highlands Recipe Lairs
Bomb small Bomb
from Grass
Formicite Ore small Formicite Ore
Only in Elite worlds or Higher
Sticky Ichor small Sticky Ichor
from ALL bugs
Enchanted Wood small Enchanted Wood
from Enchanted Stumps
Infinium Ore small Infinium Ore
Only in Elite worlds or Higher
- -
Mushroom Chunk small Mushroom Chunk
from Tall Mushrooms
Golden Soul small Golden Soul
Only in Elite worlds or Higher
- -
- Primordial Flame small Primordial Flame
Only in Elite worlds or Higher
- -


Enemy Natural Spawn Lair Spawn Dungeon Spawn Lair Boss Dungeon Pre-Boss Dungeon Boss Cursed skulls By Bosses
Enemy Bat Bat Yes (in swarm and normal)
Enemy Bee Bee Yes (only in the novice world) Yes Yes Yes (Dire Wasp)
Enemy Black Scarab Black Scarab Yes Yes (Forest Taruntula, Darkspore Stinkdrinker)
Enemy Bone Blade Bone Blade Yes Yes (Champion of Doom)
Enemy Caterpillar Caterpillar Yes
Enemy Cave Beetle Cave Beetle Yes (only in special dungeons) Yes Yes Yes Yes (Ivory Beetle King)
Enemy Dark Mushroom King Dark Mushroom King Yes Yes Yes
Enemy Dark Mushroom Man Dark Mushroom Man Yes Yes
Enemy Death Knight Death Knight Yes
Enemy Firefly Firefly Yes Yes Yes (Golden Scarab)
Enemy Giant Ladybug Giant Ladybug Yes
Enemy Gloomwing Gloomwing Yes Yes
Enemy Golden Beetle Golden Beetle Yes Yes
Enemy Mushroom King Mushroom King Yes Yes Yes
Enemy Mushroom Man Mushroom Man Yes Yes Yes Yes (Fungal King)
Enemy Saloonbot Saloonbot Yes
Enemy Shearwing Shearwing Yes
Enemy Skeleton Skeleton Yes Yes (only in special dungeons) Yes
Enemy Spider Spider Yes Yes Yes Yes (Mushroom Monarch, Darkspore Hunter)
Enemy Waspider Waspider Yes (only in novice world) Yes Yes (Saloonbot Mayor)
Enemy Wraith Wraith Yes Yes (only in special dungeons) Yes Yes (Boneblade Wraith)
Enemy Fae Spider Fae Spider Yes (Hungry Faterpillar)

Beginner Lairs

2016-12-25 193349
Honeycomb Dugout
2016-12-25 193446
Derelict Outpost
2016-12-25 193521
Noob Hill
2016-12-25 193604
Highlands Mines


2016-08-20 175909
The Floating Castle
2016-08-20 151307
Beehive Lair
2016-08-20 151223
Piranha Plant*
2016-08-20 151142
Zeus' Temple
2016-08-20 163237
Fallen Rose
2016-08-20 153423
Enemy's Keep
2016-08-20 175706
Ancient Magic
2016-08-20 175519
Small Yellow Tree*
2016-08-20 175403
Medieval Recipe Lair*

*Unconfirmed Names

Swarm Lairs

2016-08-20 151234
Medieval Helmet
2016-08-20 161207
The Artifact
2016-08-20 161225
Forgotten Staircase


2016-08-20 175959
Giant Yellow Tree*
2016-08-20 151858
The Rainbow Tree
2016-08-20 175736
The Pond
2016-08-20 153811
Dome of the Creators
2016-08-20 175429
Grand Star Coliseum
2016-08-20 153708
Sky Fortress
2016-08-20 151418
Mushroom Castle*
2016-08-20 151710
Mansion Dungeon
Image TBA Tower of Knowledge

*Unconfirmed Names


2016-12-25 193613
Evergreen Dungeon
Image TBA Pumpkin Lair
(Shadow's Eve)

Removed Lairs/Dungeons

Lair Highlands Life Rift
Life Rift
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