Mega Menagerie
Ui store pack extra life 2017
$29.99 USD
Contains 2 dragon eggs: Tanbleddyn of the Western Peaks and Fulguras, the Lighning Blade.
Also contains 4 creative costumes, 6 magnificent mounts, 14 amazing allies, and 18 stupendous styles! 20 Patron Points. Trion Worlds, Inc. will donate 50% from the sale of each Mega Menagerie Pack (up to a maximum of US $40,000)
— In-game Store Description

Mega Menagerie, formerly Extra Life 2016, is an exclusive fundraiser pack in the Trove Store that unlocks many Extra Life exclusive content from the Extra Life 2016 event. During this fundraising event, 50% of the money used to purchase the pack goes to Extra Life, a Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals fundraising program.

This pack can be bought only once per account.

  • 2 Dragon Eggs:
Dormant Valiant Dragon Egg and Dormant Lightning Dragon Egg
  • 4 Exclusive Costumes
Platinum Paladin, Skysunder Sniper, Stone Shaper, and The Blocktor
  • 6 Exclusive Mounts
Powered Wheelchair, Light Gunship, Bouncing Beehive, Verlis Wolf, 4-T Assembled Souser, and Dessert Dromintoceros
  • 14 Exclusive Allies:
Husky Pup, Snowsquall Strigid, Viridescent Hummingbird, Tuxedo Cat, Moon Dreamer, Bloxx the Playful, Flittermouse Familiar, Planing Possum, Zephyrian Zardille, Wee Wheekie, Cherry Chibi Chompbox, Starsheen Seahorse, Scapes Goat, and Silverfang Pup
  • 18 Exclusive Styles:
Unseen Assailant, Freewheeling Foxhelm, Dipper Kipper, Gunmetal Glory, Shadow Horse Hood, Dated Dome, Bellwether BeanieConfirmed Conspiracy, Auxilliary Cognitive Processor, Robo-Raider Gunsabre, 8-Bit Bow, Skull-Strung Headhunter, Blossoming Bosslady, Bubbly Bliss, Tomboy Toughie, Symbolic Sanctuary, Meowsy Mug, and Caustic Caster.


  • Even though this pack is sold during the year 2017, the reason for it being dubbed 2016 was due to the fact that all the mounts/allies were made during Trion's Extra Life stream during the year 2016 as a fundraiser for people to get their creation ideas made by one of the artists at Trion Worlds. People who donated a certain amount will have their own idea in the form of a style, mount, and/or full dragon in the game. 
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